We prevent website redesigns from affecting SEO and revenue.

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Our Technical Expertise:

Prevention of issues during the design phase by helping you make the right technical marketing decisions.

Recovery from bad redesigns by diagnosing the cause of the issues and fixing them.

Website redesign analysis before, during and after launch to prevent issues that cause drops in visits, leads and sales.

About Us

We’re a small, specialized team that does a few things really well. Learn more about us here.

If we didn't hire you, we'd be bankrupt by now. I’m so glad to see how well we’re doing, we're on our way to a full recovery.

Sandra, President / CEO
Healthcare Company (NDA)

These are words from a client of ours who had a successful redesign recovery.

Her ten-year old company was growing and they felt a new website would take them to the next level.

  • $220,000 later, they launched a failed redesign that resulted in a $2.2 million loss in revenue over six months.
  • They were on the verge of needing loans to keep the lights on.
  • It took us several months of serious work on their website and online marketing programs to recover these losses.

Main points

View our free website redesign technical resources

Website Redesign Guide

We wrote a guide covering nine phases of the redesign process. Get yourself comfy, it's 12,000 words long.
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SEO Troubleshooting

A shorter technical piece on avoiding and fixing search engine optimization issues from your website redesign.
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Diagnosing Broken Backlinks

A short video illustrating a major issue during redesigns: broken backlinks.

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