About GainTap

"We don't want to be the biggest agency in the world. We're purposefully lean with a specialized team and select clients. We're fast, flexible and every client gets my cell number. When you call, I will answer."
Graham Onak
Owner at GainTap




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Our Mission

Achieve real, measurable results through online marketing programs that make our clients’ businesses more profitable and allow us to grow alongside them in their success.

GainTap’s foundation is in real, measurable results. By providing value to our clients, we develop long-term partners who will help grow our business alongside their own. This can only be accomplished by making our clients’ businesses more profitable.

Our Clients

a small business office with workers at desks.
  • Small, growing businesses
  • Established 3+ years
  • Sells products / services to other businesses
  • Less than 10 employees
  • Under $10 million in revenue annually

Our Team

Graham Onak / Owner

Graham is a Chicagoland native and has spent over a decade working in digital marketing. Before starting GainTap, he directed marketing activities for a variety of businesses, from small e-commerce sites to nationwide corporations.

Eric Dinkins / Content

Eric’s degree in Journalism and experience in newsrooms makes him the perfect editor to manage our content creation process. His attention to well-written, informative pieces educates readers and is great for search engines, too.

Dino Bartolome / WordPress

Dino is an experienced developer and WordPress specialist with a degree in Computer Engineering from UCLA. His thoughtful approach guides our web development projects, including WordPress migrations and custom plugin development.

Emma L.

Jerry H.

Mitch B.

Annie S.
Web Developer