Being a small fish at a Big Agency isn't great for your business.

We offer premium, results driven marketing services to businesses that big agencies don't care about.

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About the company

GainTap is a digital marketing company based in Chicago, IL. We focus on providing measurable results from our marketing efforts. Our specialties are in digital marketing strategy and website optimization, specifically e-commerce sites and B2B service sites. We work with established businesses looking to improve sales results from their websites.

We're more technical than most digital agencies but we don't chase our tail or bog you down in pages of reports. We never forget that at the end of the day, it's about your customers and your bottom line. We focus less on design / branding and more on creating excellent technical foundations for growth. Our client list includes businesses with annual revenues from $500,000 to $12,000,000.

Graham Onak, Owner @ GainTap.

Graham is a Chicagoland native and has spent a decade working in digital marketing. Before starting GainTap, he directed marketing activities for a variety of employers from small e-commerce sites to fifteen million dollar nationwide companies. His addiction to all-things-news was fed while serving as a digital analyst for the Tribune Company. Aside from getting his news fix, he consulted with hundreds of nationwide sales professionals, created and launched email campaigns to boost subscription numbers and educated his markets on the value of mobile advertising.

Over the last ten years, Graham has built up an array of knowledge in digital marketing. He soon found his greatest value to employers was in two areas: optimizing established websites to generate more business and functioning as a temporary director of marketing for fast growing companies. With this in mind, he started GainTap to offer his marketing experience on retainer. This has since grown to include a team of specialists that provide hand crafted fulfillment solutions covering content marketing, search engine optimization and digital advertising.

Great reviews from happy clients

Graham is my kind of marketer: all about execution, no fluff, totally focused on numbers and getting results. His swiss-army knife online marketing skillset allows him to use whatever tactics are right to achieve the goals for a given project. And he's a great all-around guy on top of that. Hire him before your competition does.


Had a fantastic experience with GainTap! Graham was responsive, attentive, and gave great marketing advice. Would highly recommend him to any new or established businesses looking to expand their online profile.


I found GainTap after receiving a good intro email. Graham was very responsive and provided a very clean, professional proposal for a new website (coding and design). After engaging with GainTap, I have felt very happy with his approach. He's extremely responsive and the work is very strong. I recommend his services and already turned a colleague on to work with him.


My experience with GainTap was GREAT!! Graham was professional, quick to respond to questions, and walked me through the entire process. He did an exceptional job turning my rough ideas into a smooth flowing and interactive webpage. He made it easy to transition my old web pages into my new site while updating all of the search engines.