About Us

Helping businesses avoid the revenue-dropping nightmare that is a failed website redesign is our purpose.

  • We’re a small, specialized team that helps prevent and correct revenue issues caused by the redesign process.
  • We work with creative teams during the design process as well as directly with companies.
  • There are no sales or account people, you work directly with the owner of the company who has a deep knowledge on how to help your website perform better.
  • We’re consultative and work very well with organizations that don’t know what they need but know there’s a problem.

GainTap is led by Graham Onak who has thirteen years experience in digital marketing.
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Our process

For preventing issues

  • Understand the website’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Communicate how to preserve the strengths to the design team while improving weaknesses
  • Provide feedback on designs and development site to ensure it does not harm the website’s ability to generate sales for the business
  • Provide final checks before launch to ensure the technical milestones are met
  • Monitor the website post-launch for problems and provide feedback for correcting them

For recovering revenue

  • Determine a marketing baseline to compare the new website against
  • Understand the goal of the redesign
  • Audit the new website to identify reasons it is underperforming
  • Provide a clear report explaining the issues, how to correct them, how much it will cost to fix them and how long it will take to see improvement
  • Perform the work needed to restore the website’s performance
  • We primarily focus on issues that affect a website’s search engine marketing and ability to generate leads (conversion rate). This includes organic search engine rankings (SEO) and paid search advertising (Google Ads) as well as factors that reduce the website’s conversions (calls, contact forms, downloads, etc.)

Can we help you?

The first thing we need to figure out is:
Do you have a problem that we can solve?

Not every redesign is the same. Some cause no issues while others cause major disasters.

You may be doing more of a makeover than a full restructuring of your site. You may have a new website that isn’t established enough to see much change with your new design. In these situations it wouldn’t make sense to have us involved.

So we need to figure out:

  • If you have a problem
  • Can we solve it

To do this, we’ll schedule a short 15 minute call to get some information. We’ll need the website address so we can run it through our software.

We’ll be straight with you on whether you have a problem or not and how bad it is. And if you do have one, whether we can help or not.

If it looks like we can help, we need to figure out:
What solution do you need?

This is where we figure out if you need consulting, an audit or full-on recovery work. It all depends on your resources and whether you’ve launched the new site or not. 

This will largely be addressed in the original 15 minute call but we may need a second chat or email confirmation to figure out the best way to work together. We’ll talk and get you the right solution.

Once we figure out what you need, we need to know:
Are we in your budget?

We’re direct about pricing. Everyone’s budget is different. The need to solve the problem is different. A little consulting is different than months of recovery work.

We’ll get you a quote and if it sounds good we can proceed. But it all starts with a short conversation.