WordPress SEO Plugin Comparison - Yoast vs. SEO Framework

Comparison of Yoast SEO vs SEO Framework, two of the top SEO plugins for Wordpress.
2 min read

Why Your Sponsorship Request Sucks and You're Not Getting Sponsors

This article will help you better understand how to get donations from sponsors for your event.
4 min read

WeWork Buys Meetup. Here’s How Will Change.

Today multiple sources including Wired and the New York Times reported that Meetup has been acquired by WeWork. The reality is Meetup has to change to provide value to WeWork. In order to predict how they will change, let’s take a look at why WeWork purchased Meetup.
4 min read

How to Scrape Google Search Results For Free

I've tried scraping tools with no luck. Here's what works.
1 min read

How Marketing Can Help Your Sales Team Perform Better

Most smaller companies will let their sales people create sales content themselves. This is a big mistake.
5 min read

Keeping a Growing Business Lean

I've been running my business GainTap for almost 5 years and in this time I've experimented and found what does and doesn't work for me in terms of growing my business. I'd like to share that experience with you.
6 min read

How to Set Up Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress

Once you’ve completed the installation process, check out the beginner’s guide to Yoast [] to
3 min read

How to Get Your Website Indexed by Google

This article covers the initial steps for understanding how to get your website indexed by Google.
12 min read

Ad Impressions Definition, Cost Per Thousand Formula and Value

I was recently asked to answer what seems like a very simple question: how do you determine the value of
5 min read

Google To Remove Manual CPC Bidding from Google Ads By 2021

I recently spoke with a Google employee who revealed that Google is planning to remove the manual CPC bidding method within the next one to two years. This leaves only automated bidding methods for Google Ads accounts.
3 min read