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How to Create a Click to Call Link Using HTML and in WordPress

A super simple look at creating a click-to-call link on your website.

I never knew this was a problem when I had my Android phone as most phone numbers were clickable by default. But when I switched over to an iPhone, I realized a lot of websites didn’t have a click to call link! That meant I had to start copying and pasting phone numbers, adjusting the little select area over the phone number just right to get it. That’s not a good solution.

How to Make a Clickable Phone Number With HTML

1. Start with a standard link tag:

<a href=""></a>

2. Enter your phone number with no dashes in the quotes:

<a href="5554280940"></a>

3. Now the important part, add tel: to the beginning of the number:

<a href="tel:5554280940"></a>

4. Then finish it up with some text for the link

<a href="tel:5554280940">Call us at 555-428-0940</a>

Here’s what you should see: Call us at 555-428-0940 Click the link to make sure it works. If the call goes through, you’re done.

  • Using dashes, which is by far the most common mistake. The number won’t always work on every device
  • Forgetting to place a colon after “tel”
  • Forgetting quotes in the HTML

How to Make a Phone Number Clickable in WordPress

More comfortable with the visual tab/WYSIWYG/TinyMCE editor? Here’s how you add phone links in Wordpress:

  1. Edit your page or post in Wordpress.
  2. Make sure you’re on the Visual tab - not the Text tab.
  3. Highlight the phone number or text you want to make clickable on phones.
  4. Click the “Hyperlink” button.
  5. Enter tel: followed by your phone number with no dashes.
  6. Apply the link.
  7. Update/publish your page or post.

That’s it. You’re done.

Here’s an easy call tracking solution: combine the above steps with Google Analytics to track click events.

<a href="tel:5558920234" onclick="ga('send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'Contact', eventAction: 'Call', eventLabel: 'Mobile Button'});"><p class="call-button">Click to Call</p></a>
  • Copy and paste that link code.
  • Swap out the phone number and text.
  • Check Google Analytics under Behavior -> Events -> Overview or Top Events.

Here’s what those clicks look like in Google Analytics:

If you’re on Wordpress, you may run into issues with Google Analytics and event tracking. I recommend using Google Tag Manager for all tags on Wordpress. You’ll need to have some HTML skills, but it simplifies everything.