As part of the slew of recent updates to Google’s Adwords—a tool that allows you to better target audiences, design ads and understand your ad campaign’s success—are notes. Notes make managing Google Ads more collaborative.

Perhaps just as important as reaching potential clients is your ability to understand how well your ads are doing—are they worth the money? Adwords allows you to track your ads’ success, understanding how many people see your ads, how many visit your website, and even how many people call your business. This is where the new Google Adwords notes feature comes in.

When working as a team on a single campaign, a group of ads, or an account, communication about what is happening and what the result trends mean is essential. Even if it’s just you all by yourself, it’s important to be able to create a better picture of what is happening, which can be done by adding notes related to spikes in traffic, issues with campaign budgeting, or any other important factors impacting your ads.

Previously, it was necessary to leave Adwords to track down an external copy of your notes—presumably shared somewhere with your colleagues—to update it or cross-reference what you were seeing in Adwords with projections.

The addition of Google Adwords notes means that you can use the new interface to add notes where everyone will know exactly what you’re talking about.

What’s With Google Adwords Notes?

According to Google, the notes feature is designed to allow you to get a more complete picture of your Adwords account.

Google Adwords notes can be used to either provide context for a significant event in your Adwords account or to denote any other changes that you want other account users to pay attention to.

Anyone with access to an Adword account can access the notes you create. However, they will not be able to edit them or delete them unless you’ve provided them with editing permissions (in which case they can make changes).

The new Google Adwords notes feature is similar to an existing Google Analytics feature, which was quickly put to use by savvy marketers.

How Google Adwords Notes Can Help Teams Collaborate

For many of the same reasons that the annotation feature in Google Analytics is so important, the ability to create notes with Adwords is essential for increasing communication between team members, as well as for streamlining your process.

Though most people have gotten used to a slightly more cumbersome way of keeping notes with regards to their ads, it seems baffling that it took Google so long to roll out notes for Adwords.

Perhaps more importantly than leaving notes in the same places as the data set, the new feature allows you to organize and filter your notes.

By clicking “see all notes”, a sidebar containing all the notes that have been created on the account will appear. This can be insightful as it can help you to establish an idea of what the thinking was behind changes over a longer period of time and from campaign to campaign. However, it can also be overwhelming—which is where note filters come into play.

You can filter notes by account, campaign, and ad group. Within these groupings, you can further filter by time. This is especially important if you need to understand what was being discussed with regards to an ad at the time of an important event, such as a spike or drop in views and clicks.

Each note will contain the original content, as well as who created it and when it was created. At this point, it’s also possible to jump in and create additional notes on the topic and edit existing notes (if you have permission).

How To Add a Note to Adwords

Adding Google Adwords notes is simple.

All you have to do is click on a point in a performance graph, where the “Add note” button will appear. Attaching notes to specific data points on the graph will help you to more accurately communicate the trigger for your note to other team members.

Notes can also be added to the report table. This is essential for accounts with multiple team members, as everyone can see the note and act on it accordingly, better facilitating the collaborative process.

The feature can also be particularly helpful during a management transition. It will allow new team members to ask questions about specific performance events or aspects of a report, as well as enable senior members to explain what they are looking at and identify what events are significant and which ones can be ignored.

Final Thoughts: The Wish for Google Adwords Notes—Granted

Google Adwords notes have been on the wishlist of many Adwords users for years. Now, finally, Santa Google has made the simple wish come true as part of an expansion of capabilities on Adwords.

In marketing, it is hard to have too much well-organized information about how ads and campaigns are performing. The more data you have, the better and larger a picture you can see, enabling you to tweak and adjust your campaigns—now even easier with the Adwords updates—to optimize their performance.

Notes on Adwords is just another way to help paint that picture. More importantly, it’s another way to paint that picture as a team, ensuring that everyone agrees with regards to the best path forward.

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