Rebump email plugin makes outbounding a breeze

Rebump saves you time and helps with the not-so-pleasant task of email follow ups with contacts.

It should be in every PR, sales and marketers’ tool box, especially with the affordable price of free. I imagine with a little time, Rebump will become a paid service so jump on it now.

If you’ve done any kind of email promotions or sales you’ll know how important following up is. Email is a busy medium and people have been trained to only respond to follow-ups if your email is a priority to them. I’ve sent thousands of emails for press releases and promotions and less than 5% get responses on the first send. But following up can be time consuming and in some parts soul crushing labor. That’s where Rebump comes in.

Here’s how Rebump works.

Sign up with Rebump on their site and login with your Google account.

rebump email plugin gmail authorize


After a couple authorization requests you’ll be up-and-running in minutes. Now let’s send a test Rebump email. I’m using Gmail and I prefer using the BCC method below.

rebump email plugin gmail email example

Send your email and head back over to your Rebump account. Your account is divided into two main areas: recipients and your automated follow up email content. Let’s look at your recipients.


You can see plenty of information to make this useful at a glance. The date, recipient, subject line, last bump received, next bump date and what stage the recipient is at in the bump cycle. A search bar makes it easy to filter for specific people or subject lines. You can also cancel a bump here to manually remove someone from your automated follow up emails.

Let’s look at how you edit your email content.

rebump email plugin gmail edit bump

Your first thought is probably like mine: nobody is going to respond to a message from a robot. You’re in luck because the follow up messages can be customized so your emails don’t look unnatural. I highly recommend not using the default message settings because they’re a little canned, so tweak away.

You can adjust the number of email follow ups between one and four. You can also adjust the time between “rebumped” emails. After a contact responds to your email, Rebump is smart enough to remove that contact from the automated workflow. This must be a reply. If the contact sends you a brand new email Rebump won’t remove them from the workflow.

So does it work?

Rebump definitely helps. I’ve had several contacts respond to me on the fourth “rebumped” email around 30 days after my initial message. You’ll see a lot of hate out there for Rebump, but I wouldn’t let that discourage you.

People writing poor reviews about Rebump are bloggers and tech writers who dread a spammy Apocalypse. Some of them are saying a non-reply to an email should be a sign that a sender’s content is unappealing to the recipient. However a non-reply to an email is not the same as disinterest.

In our world of shiny objects, people are easily distracted and Rebump helps you stay top-of-mind. If you’re not following up with people who don’t respond to your first contact attempts you are definitely doing it wrong. Like all tools Rebump can be used for evil. But if you use it responsibly you’ll have no problems.

Have you used Rebump? Have suggestions for other apps, plugins or extensions? Leave your suggestions here.

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