Google recently expanded the availability of new feature to most US based Google Business pages: Google Posts. This feature lets you create a call to action that displays on the right side of the search results page for your branded search queries.

Here’s an example of a Google Post displaying on the SERP

A Google Post example displaying for GainTap on the right side search results page showing an offer for a free discovery session.

Here’s why this is important

  1. Google is letting you place a call-to-action with a link pointing directly to a web page of your choice. That’s powerful stuff for the right businesses. You can send people to a newsletter signup page, or a seasonal product that is being discounted on your site.
  2. Google updates the post in almost real-time. You can create a discount or special for your business and have it live on Google within minutes.
  3. Google is clearly experimenting with this feature and will be expanding it’s use with new categories and options.

Who benefits from Google Posts

Businesses with branded search traffic are going to likely see an increase in visits to pages of their choosing. You can create a custom post with an offer and link to display relevant, timely information. If you’re not getting much branded traffic to trigger the info box on the right, then you won’t see much of an impact from this update.

How to setup a Google Post

It’s very easy and needs almost no explanation.

  1. Log into your Google Business page and select the new “Posts” option.
  2. Select the add new post symbol
  3. Enter your post text and add an image (it will be cropped to a square)
  4. Select the call-to-action text
  5. Enter the URL to direct your visitors to
  6. Hit done
  7. Wait a few minutes then search your business name and see the post

Where to get more info

Check out Google’s official Google Post page for more info and to request access to this feature if you don’t see it on your Google Business page.

What this means for your Google Business page

This is an example of Google putting more control of search presence and user experience in the hands of business owners through use of the Google Business page. I believe they want this to be a critical component of your business’s online presence. My opinion: I believe Google is trying to increase their revenue by testing search features that they will ultimately charge for. I believe they will continue adding more features (which will become pay-to-play) to the Google Business page. Website managers should work regular updates to the Google Business page Posts and associated Google + page posts into their schedules as I see these having a greater impact on search results over time.

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