Trump’s White House Website is a Redesign Nightmare

New administration, old mistakes.

It’s expected that when a new administration comes into power, especially one that is almost completely opposite of the previous one, that there will be changes. Almost immediately after the inauguration big changes were seen on the website. Though it is still powered by Drupal on the backend, the frontend hasn’t just had a face lift, it’s had a complete transplant. How will the website recover from this operation? This article is taking a dive into the technical changes on and how it will likely affect the website’s traffic.

Quick note on how you generally handle a website migration / re-design

Real quickly, let’s cover the basics.

  • Content on your site gets crawled by Google and other search engine “bots.”
  • The search engines digest this content and rank your pages
  • People read the content and link to it from their sites, social media, etc
  • Search engines rank your content higher based on the quality of these incoming links and activity

When you migrate a site or re-design it you should

  • Not remove content unless necessary
  • Use 301 re-directs for content that is moved / removed so people are sent to a page on your site that is relevant / not broken

That’s basically it in a nutshell. If you remove something, put a 301 redirect in there so people are sent somewhere on your site. These are basic practices of web development.

Change in policies means archiving content and losing links & rankings

With 8 years of content under its belt, the previous site was a behemoth in search. Granted, a lot of this content is around topics that the new administration will not want to be related to. It is only natural that they would move most of this content off the site onto a different domain. You can find the Obama administration site archived at At a glance, it looks like URLs from old content go to this domain. That’s good for this domain and bad for It’s going to be very interesting to see how the site’s stats change over the next month or so as Google learns about the drastic changes to the site content.

Let’s look at some numbers.

Here are metrics for the previous Obama administration website.

Obama site, estimated number of search visits on a monthly basis: 3 Million

*I will update this area after a month or so when I can pull updated metrics for ranking changes in AHREFs.

Obama site, number of pages in Google’s search index: 127,000

Trump site, number of pages: 168

THAT IS 0.13% OF THE CONTENT ON THE PREVIOUS SITE. If you did this to your business’s website, you’d be in for a world of hurt!

Google’s cache hasn’t updated yet, but I crawled the site using Screaming Frog. You can download the XLS file of the crawl if you want to look at the data yourself.

Here’s a page summary.

  • Total accessible pages: 168
  • Total broken pages: 80
  • Total redirected pages: 14

The webmaster needs to throw some 301 redirects on there. Around 33% of the pages on the site are broken. And these aren’t Obama era pages, they’re general information pieces about past presidents and other informative articles. SAD!

Removal of Spanish language website

This is an interesting political commentary as well, but there’s a distinct lack of a Spanish language website in the footer links.

Obama site, Spanish site option in footer

Trump site, no habla Espanol

Complete removal of mentions on climate change

Another political commentary, differences in pages mentioning climate change on the site.

Obama site, pages indexed mentioning climate change: 27,300

Trump site, pages mentioning climate change: 0

As you see, this page happens to mention the words “climate” and “change” but not “climate change.”

Complete removal of mentions on LGBT

Obama site, pages mentioning LGBT

Trump site, pages mentioning LGBT

404 Error page leading to previous site

I really would have thought that the Trump administration would try to cut any and all ties to the Obama site content. But if you put in a URL that errors out, you’ll get this page.

That leads directly to the archive of the previous website.

A really bad meta title for the homepage

Here’s the new title: | the WHITE HOUSEPresident Donald J. Trump


Interesting things to monitor over the next four years

For anyone that is a website and / or news geek, you will want to monitor the following.

How do these changes affect’s rankings, traffic and keywords?

I can’t imagine a world where the website does not lose massive rankings and traffic. When you start chopping content off your site, you’re going to lose the following:

  • Any links pointing to that content from outside sources (hence, the need for 301 redirects)
  • Any internal linking you had on your site that was funneling traffic / “juice” to other pages
  • Context around what your site is about, though I hazard a guess Google knows what is.
  • Keyword rankings due to not having words to get crawled

If you pair this with the fact that Steve Bannon will likely drop news on instead of building a blog on, I think we will see rather anemic traffic to the website over the next four years.

How similar are and

I’m very very curious to see how similar and are for keyword rankings over the next four years. I will be monitoring this and updating this page with more details in the future. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we see direct copy and pasted articles or an RSS feed dumping onto That will be a disturbingly sad day.

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