*Update 4/3/2018: Lori Lightfoot won the Chicago mayoral race in landslide victory.

I’m writing this a day after the first round of Chicago mayoral elections. Lori Lightfoot is now in the runoff for mayor of Chicago. I didn’t know much about Lori until I took a look at her website. But once I did, there was a major difference between her and the competition.

Take a look at Lori’s website.

I’ve never seen a political candidate have such a content heavy, detailed website. Not only is there plenty of information but it’s displayed in a clear way. The site is easy to use so you can find the information you need.

What stands out to me is not that the website mentions the problems that need to get fixed, but there are actual plans of action to fix them. They are separate PDF files that list how she plans on correcting issues in clear steps one, two, three, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of an issue listed on Lori Lightfoot’s campaign website. We added the yellow arrow to point to the call-to-action. Once you click this, a PDF plan opens up.

Here’s a screenshot of the PDF that opens up. There are separate detailed PDF plans for each issue that detail the steps Lori would take to fix the problem.

Why should I care?

Her website should inspire more than just political candidates. Sure, as a candidate you should definitely take some pointers here.

But as a business owner or designer, think about how your website can not only connect with your buyers but position you as the authority on solving their problems.

If your business solves problems for clients, say how you will solve those problems. Without explaining what you’re going to do to a fix a problem, you just look like every other business out there that lazily throws some slop on their website.

This is a big area we’ve been focusing on with our website. Doing a lot less of the “same old service site” and more of what makes us different. It’s time consuming and at times challenging to refine your web content, but if you get results like Lori did (1st place), it’s probably worth it.

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