Google Ads Audit Services

Yes, Getting Audited Can Save You Money.

I’ve helped companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars by restructuring their Google Ads accounts. I’ve corrected technical issues that allowed successful, growing businesses to get back on track and stop losing money. I’ve built out high converting ad group and landing page funnels that convert in the 15-20% range. 

I bring this experience to my audits as I provide a comprehensive analysis and report on how your business can cut spending and increase profits from your Google Ads.

Is Your Google Ads Account Costing You More Than It’s Worth?

Google Ads costs have exploded in recent years. More businesses are running search ads, the cost-per-clicks are going up and the number of positions are shrinking. This creates a highly competitive, expensive environment.

Here are a few examples of issues I’ve found while auditing Google Ads accounts:

  • Maxing out bids on the vague term “blue jeans” for a luxury clothing boutique which brought two conversions over one year at a cost of $244,956.
  • An account that wasn’t syncing Google Analytics conversion goals properly causing wacky automated bidding, leading to super low click volumes and a huge drop in business.
  • False positives for conversion goals making an IT consulting firm think they had a very successful campaign when in reality they were losing money.

Here’s what to expect from my Google Ads audit.

Scheduling: The audit is performed by hand and takes 5-7 business days to complete and write-up as a PDF report with Excel data.

We agree on a time and date for a call to discuss the audit, then we have the call which will take about an hour.

Deliverable: PDF report, Excel file of data, one-hour phone call explanation and recommendations to improve profits.

Requirements from you: You will be required to provide the following:

  • Clear explanation of the issues you face (if known) and goals you wish to accomplish from the audit.
  • Read-only access to Google Ads and Google Analytics (or other Analytics platform).
  • Payment of the invoice in full prior to the start of work.
  • Selection of a time and date for the phone call.

Cost: $1,500+, varies based on  complexity of the account. Price will be communicated to you after reviewing your account using read-only access. If this number seems high, you can make use of my Google Ads consulting for getting your general strategy and questions answered.

Payment terms: Payment due prior audit and reservation of time and date.

Next steps: Contact to explain your consultation needs, make payment and schedule your audit review.