Technical Audits for Website Redesigns.

We perform three different audits but you’ll only need one depending on your technical expertise or situation.

Data Only Audit

This audit is for teams that just need data and don’t need any analysis. If you’re on a strict budget or have a technical person, this may be all you need. 

It can be performed:

  • Before launch to set a benchmark or understand the site structure and page importance
  • After launch to understand what might be missing or causing issues
  • Both before and after launch to have a safe set of data for comparison
  • If you don’t have a technical person on your team this is going to be useless and you’ll need a full analysis

Here’s a sample file of data to give you an idea of what you’ll get.

Preventative Audit

This audit is performed during the redesign before launch. The goal of this audit is to help your design and development team make informed decisions to maintain or improve the marketing capabilities of the website. This includes search engine optimization, usability, advertising and analytics integrations.

In this phase we pull data from the current site and put together a document breaking down key items such as the following:

  • Which pages are important and why
  • How to avoid hurting your SEO during the design
  • A suggested site structure to maintain your SEO
  • Common issues during the design process and how to avoid them
  • Maintaining data continuity with the new site

Recovery Audit

At this point you’re a month or more out from a launched website and you’ve noticed your visits, leads and sales slipping. The goal of this audit is to understand:

  • What changed
  • How bad the issues are
  • What needs to be done to correct the issues

After the audit we will have a plan of action to fix the issues. We’ll know exactly what needs to be done, how long it will take and how much it will cost. The audit is a critical step in the process to recover a website’s visits, leads and sales.

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