Website Redesign Technical Consulting

Website redesigns can cause an incredible amount of damage to a business. 

Be careful if your company’s website plays a major role in sales for your organization. In some cases, it doesn’t make sense to redesign the entire website because there’s too much risk. And a more moderate approach should be taken.

That said, sometimes it makes sense to redesign your website based on new positioning, ownership or to solve technical issues. But there are often ways around this without completely gutting and reformatting your entire website.

So how do you know when it makes sense to redesign your website?

I’ve authored two articles on this. One is a comprehensive look at the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implications of a redesign. The other is a very detailed multi-phase website redesign manual.

Here they are, read them before paying anyone anything:

If you still want qualified advice on your redesign, keep reading.

Reasons You Need Experienced Advice For Your Website Redesign

If your website is in any way a major part of your lead generation or sales process, or if you don’t know how big of a part it plays, you need a professional opinion. I’ve seen companies go from fifty leads a day to five in a matter of months. For them that was about $30,000 in revenue per day down to $3,000. What would happen to your business if you lost 90% of your revenue?

Here are reasons you should bring in a consultant to help with your website redesign:

  • Your website generates a significant amount of phone calls or contact forms
  • You depend on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or online advertising platforms like Google Ads for leads
  • Your website designer also claims to do SEO (heads up, most don’t do it well enough to handle a redesign.)
  • Someone is giving you high expectations for what this redesign will do for your business and you’re factoring that into important decisions like hiring, buying real estate or paying out bonuses
  • Someone tells you your old website is too slow so you need to completely redesign it to speed it up (most likely false.)

Want To Talk About It?

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