A Sketchy Redesign Can Murder Your Client's Business.

We help creative firms make the right technical marketing decisions during the redesign process to maintain and improve client website performance.

They Almost Went Bankrupt

The Situation

A CFO at a healthcare company approached us months after they launched a redesigned website. It was supposed to elevate their brand but instead it sank their sales numbers.

They spent $60,000 on a website they now saw as a waste of money, they were considering suing their design company for negligence and they were on the verge of needing a loan to pay the bills.

The Solution

We performed a full Redesign Recovery. This started with a complete audit of their website and online marketing.

Our work uncovered and corrected technical missteps in the redesign process. We paired these technical fixes with a restructured Google Ads account and experiments to boost conversion on the site.

Our work brought the company’s bank account back to black: +$970,000 profit in eight months.

Preventing Issues During Design

The Situation

A software development company redesigned their website to better reflect their service offerings and to showcase their team. 

Before launching the new site, they contacted us to make sure they weren’t going to have any issues post-launch.

The Solution

We performed a pre-launch audit of the company’s website. This audit took three business days and found technical issues that would have caused lost visits, leads and sales.

The company’s developers used our audit to tweak their work and launched a solid website.

Valuable Insights In Every Phase

We're technical website marketers focused on helping you relaunch websites without losing "the good stuff."

We help you understand the impact of making changes to your client’s site from a technical digital marketing perspective. 

This gives you the information and guidance you need to plan a successful website redesign that won’t destroy your client’s lead generation.

Bounce your wireframes and mockups off of us for a fresh perspective on how your changes will help, or harm, your client.

We provide technical data and guidance during the development process to make sure your developers maintain all the technical things that make your client’s existing site successful.

Site looks great? Approval to launch? Let us make sure all the SEO stuff and tracking scripts are good to go before you flip the switch.

It’s months after launch and your client isn’t happy. Less visits, less calls. What happened?

We figure out what went wrong and give you options to correct the situation.

Want To Talk About It?

Understand how risky your redesign is. Schedule a 15 minute review call. Blue dates below are available.

We should chat if:

  • You’re concerned about “breaking” anything.
  • You don’t have SEO, analytics or online lead generation expertise in-house.
  • You’re working on an established website that generates business for your client.
  • Your redesign is substantially changing the site architecture such as migrating to a new CMS, merging pages or restructuring navigation.