Redesign Issue Prevention Services

For Businesses

We work with your design partner or in-house team to provide technical online marketing guidance so you can maintain your search engine optimization, online advertising and lead generation.

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For Creative Firms

We expand your firm’s capabilities by providing the technical marketing expertise needed to launch great looking websites that don’t tank your client’s rankings and sales.

Redesigning an established website can be risky. 

Most websites are the center of a company’s online marketing. If that website is driving visits, calls and sales for a company, shaking things up with a redesign can cause issues.

The issues can be time consuming and expensive to diagnose and correct. I’m not talking about service fees we’d charge. I’m talking about revenue losses.

Here’s an example of a redesign nightmare.

A client of ours sells a service for $4,500. They were getting 200 sales per month before their redesign. This dropped to 80 sales per month for the next four months after their redesign went live.

That’s a loss of $2,160,000 in revenue (120 lost sales per month x 4 months x $4,500). 

It took one month to improve their situation, four months to get them back to where they were before the redesign and eight months to get them back on their growth track. So we’re talking months of lost revenue here and losing ground to competitors all due to a lack of technical expertise during the redesign process.

Preventing these issues during the design phase is the best option. This is what we do.

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