Website Designer RFP & Vetting Services

Overview of Website Designer RFP & Vetting Services

Finding a reliable design team to redesign your website is an early step in the redesign process. Getting this right will make or break your new website. We help you ask the right questions and research candidates during the RFP process so you increase your chances of launching a successful website, on-time and on-budget.

What we do

  • Listen to your company’s needs and use this to create or refine a list of questions for design firms.
  • Research the SEO capabilities of your top choices based on the performance of previous websites they’ve launched.
  • Evaluate quotes and provide an unbiased assessment of costs to determine if they are underpriced, fair or overpriced.
  • Cast a vote on the right design firm for your company’s redesign.
  • Provide additional valuable input based on our expertise in website redesign, search engine optimization and website migrations to help you avoid hurdles during the redesign process.

Time to complete

The time it takes to complete this work will vary based on:

  • The urgency to start the website redesign.
  • How unique the design and / or development firm must be based on the new website’s features.
  • The number of decision makers involved in the process.

Most time frames are between two to eight weeks depending on how complex the new website will be. A basic service site may take two weeks where a larger eCommerce site can take six to eight weeks.


We will provide:

  • Advice over email
  • 30 minute weekly call
  • Written list of questions for design firms
  • Guidance through the web design RFP and vetting process

You will provide:

  • Initial discussion prior to working together so we can understand your company
  • Transparency into your company’s resources and goals so we can help you find the right design firm for your needs
  • Approval of work and quote
  • List of design firms (if applicable) that you are interested in
  • Invoice payment through online invoice


$1,250 per week paid through online invoice. Payments are due prior to start of work.

Want To Talk About It?

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