Search Engine Marketing Consulting To Drive Meaningful Visits & Profitable Clicks.

Organic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting

My SEO consulting helps guide you through decisions related to complex technical problems that affect a website’s rankings on search engines.

I’ve spent thirteen years managing online marketing for a variety of small and large companies. My search engine optimization consulting comes from a place of knowledge and experience. I can provide direction related to showing up for specific phrases, overcoming manual action penalties, adding relevant content to your website, building more awareness for your company and beating competitors on Google.

I bring an online marketer’s well-rounded perspective to my SEO consulting, understanding that visits don’t pay the bills, customers do.

In addition to organic search consulting I provide paid search (Google Ads formerly Adwords) consulting as well.

Paid Search: Google Ads (Adwords) Consulting

Google Ads, formerly Adwords, has changed a ton in the last few years. New features are released seemingly on a quarterly basis. Search advertising prices are rising due to higher competition and less placement options. This causes accounts to deliver less profits and sometimes to be unprofitable to continue running.

My Google Ads consulting guides you to better decision making with your Google Ads structure and search ad spending. My company GainTap is a Google Ads partner and I’ve personally worked in search advertising marketing for 13 years. I’ve helped companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted spending, scaled up their growth in a profitable way and kept them from going bankrupt.

Important: I specialize in Google Ads for nationwide service providers such as healthcare companies and consulting firms. I don’t regularly work on eCommerce shopping campaigns. I suggest you look elsewhere for a specialist in Google Shopping ads or Amazon ads.

Consulting vs. Auditing

This is an as-needed service and is not intended to be an ongoing coaching relationship.

It’s important to explain the distinction between consulting and auditing.

If you’re looking for answers to “should I ”, “how would I” or “why would I” type questions, that’s consulting.

If at any point I’m analyzing data, providing a written report or if you’re giving me log in info for your website, Google Search Console, Google Ads account or Analytics program to diagnose a problem, that’s an audit.