Content Writer Job (SLEEKPost)

We’re looking for experienced writers who want to have more control over how they get paid for their work. For more information on this please visit

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About SLEEKPost for Writers


SLEEKPost is a new way of connecting writers with content buyers. We help professional writers sell their web content to buyers through an online market.

Who is this for

Writers who want to generate passive income by selling their work on a content marketplace instead of getting paid by the word.

Benefits of being a SleekPost writer

  • Post content to the market
  • Set your own pricing per piece
  • Free to use for writers, no platform fees
  • Make 100% of the money from your sales
  • Get resources to help you create top selling content

SLEEKPost is the online content marketplace that allows writers to post content, set their prices and sell directly to content buyers.

As a writer, you’re used to getting underpaid for your work. Whether its 3 cents per word, low hourly rates or not getting paid: you’ve been screwed before. SLEEKPost changes the equation by allowing writers to post unique written content for sale on the marketplace. When a content buyer purchases content from the marketplace, you get paid.

What’s with the name?

SLEEKPost strives to make things simple, smooth and easy for writers and content buyers. When you join the SLEEKPost community, knowing what to write about, posting content, selling and getting paid is easy for writers. Finding great content, buying it and publishing it on their website is easy for content buyers. Everything is SLEEK.