Content Process

Our content creation services follow a structured process. The process begins by discussing the problems you’re facing with your business, the goals you have and how we fit into the picture. Our content services are designed to help solve your problems and help you reach your goals. The process we follow is comprised of four standard stages.


Before we begin creating content for you, we need to understand your needs. For the initial contact, you can send us an email or call us directly. If you choose to email us, we’ll schedule a call so that we can talk in-depth in order to fully understand you and your business. We’ll discuss your current problems, the nature of your business, how we can help, expected results and pricing.

This is the time for you to tell us as much as possible about how we can complement your existing team. The more we know, the better equipped we’ll be to help. We’ll then propose a plan of action and if this meets your business’s needs and budget, we can start working together.


During this stage, our team works to decide how best to achieve your business goals and how to help you succeed through improving the website content. We may plan to create a certain amount of articles, guides, blog posts, email blasts, pictures or videos based on our discussions. The strategy stage is very specific to you and the needs of your business. Our strategy is designed to support your goals. Once we’ve created the strategy, we’ll present it to you during a kickoff call, and if all goes well, we get the green light to move ahead.

Content creation

Now that we’re knowledgeable about your business, understand your goals, and have a specific strategy in place, we’ll begin creating content. We’ll write articles, create images, publish the content to your website and optimize it for search engines.

Measure and monitor

It’s not enough to simply create content. Once the content is on your website, we’ll check to see if it’s performing the way we think it should and if it’s helping your business grow. If the content isn’t pushing you in the direction of your goals, or if it’s not performing as well as we’d hoped, we’ll modify the content or change the strategy until we’re successful.