How it Works

The general process of how I work with clients:

  1. Intro call
  2. Propose solution
  3. Provide sample
  4. Receive pay
  5. Share results

Start here: intro call

I will give anyone 30 minutes of my time to discuss a website or online marketing situation. This is honest feedback where I give you input at no cost.

I started doing this because:

  • People reach out to me thinking they need to do A but really need to do B, so I point them in the right direction.
  • Sometimes a short call with an experienced person who is outside your circle is enough to jolt a solution loose.
  • I enjoy learning about different websites and advising on a variety of website problems.

In short: my goal is to give you a bigger picture view of your situation and point you in a direction to solve your problem because it's something I genuinely enjoy doing.

Take a look around this website a little more and if you're still interested you can reach me at

For your reference, these are the starting questions. If you want to maximize our call, send answers to these ASAP.

  • What's your role in this redesign? (designer, owner of site, etc.)
  • How familiar are you with SEO and / or redesigns? (ex: no experience, some SEO knowledge, lots of SEO knowledge, etc)
  • When are you looking to begin your redesign or make website changes?
  • What are you looking to change and why? (ex: just the colors and fonts, content reorganization, totally new brand name and business goals)
  • Is the URL changing? (ex: moving from .org to .com, totally changing the domain name, getting rid of categories)
  • Are you moving to a different content management system? (ex: HTML -> Wordpress, Wordpress -> Shopify)
  • Are any features or areas of the website being added / removed?
  • Does the site run any ads offsite anywhere (Google Ads, Facebook, 3rd party sites, print flyers)?
  • Current estimated annual revenue of the site and / or business model? Need to get a feel for what's at risk. Ball park figures and general understanding of your business model is fine.

What we won't talk about on the call

At no point will I review your analytics, data, spreadsheets, etc. during this call. I may browse your website a bit but I'm not going to dig through anything too deeply. This is a casual conversation.

Propose solution

If we bring up more questions than answers on our call, you may decide you need additional help that you're willing to pay for.

If I think I can help you, I'll recommend the best solutions.

Solutions generally fit into these categories:

  • Data
  • Analysis
  • Optimization

Data: Information collected from various sources (3rd party tools, your website and analytics, my software) and arranged on spreadsheets.

Example: A spreadsheet showing all your web pages and their key metrics along with additional information from our custom software showing relationships between pages and interlinking advice.

Analysis: I turn data into meaningful advice and next steps. Also known as audits, reporting or consulting / coaching by email.  

Example: I take the data spreadsheet and create a report showing issues with your website, your most important website pages and advice on how to proceed with reorganizing your content while maintaining your SEO.

Optimization: The physical work of implementing the advice.

Example: We agree on a price to optimize your website based on my analysis of the gathered data. I get the site optimized.

The right solution for your needs will be based on how you answer the following.

Do you...

Have Data? Have Experience? Have a Team?
Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No
Do you have trustworthy data? If NO, you need to gather your data first. Might involve installation of tracking scripts. Are you confident you can analyze the data? If NO, you need an audit or consulting to give you solid next steps. Do you have people to physically do the work? If NO, you need me, contractors, an agency or you need to hire an employee.

Provide sample

In some situations where you will have significant investment I may provide a sample of work for you to review prior to moving forward with a data or analysis project. This is to make sure it fits your expectations and everyone is happy before we sink substantial time and money into it.

Receive pay

  • You will be given a flat price.
  • You approve.
  • I send an invoice.
  • You pay the invoice.
  • Work starts.
  • Work finishes.
  • Work is presented.
  • At no point does the price change from what was agreed upon unless you ask for more or less work.

Share results

After performing the work you will be presented with the results. This may be in the form of a CSV or XLS data file, a PDF analysis and a phone call to discuss with you and your organization.

I encourage you to browse more of this website and contact me if you're interested in discussing solutions to your website and marketing problems.