Landing Page Optimization

Improve how well your web pages generate leads through constant testing.

See how your changes affect leads and sales on a small scale through testing of web page variations.

What are Landing Page Optimization services?

A test is performed to see how well a new version of a web page performs compared to the original. A common goal is seeing if a new page can encourage people to fill out a form or call more frequently, generating more leads than the original. It is a common tactic used in website conversion optimization.

How we perform landing page tests

We discuss opportunities for improvement and then create a plan of action to test those opportunities. We install or gain access to user tracking analytics on your website, develop a design and web page, code the page and host it. We then send a percentage of visitors from the original control page to the test page. After a few weeks of monitoring we are able to come to a conclusion on whether the new page performed worse, similarly or better than the original page.

Example of landing page optimization

This is a simplified example to give you a basic understanding of how landing page testing works.

You have a service firm and a web page that receives 1,000 visits per month and generates 10 leads for a conversion rate of 1% (10 / 1,000).

We think adding pricing for your services will increase the amount of leads you receive. We setup a test page that includes pricing directly on the page. After one month we see that you received 1,000 visits and generated 12 leads for a conversion rate of 1.2%, not much difference.

We decide to do another test where instead of listing the price directly, we offer a price list PDF download in addition to the existing contact form. The goal is to capture an email to get warm leads into a lead nuturing campaign.

We roll out this test and find that the following month we receive 1,000 visits, 10 leads and 100 emails from the price list download. That’s a 1% contact conversion rate and a 10% email capture conversion rate.

If only 10% of those 100 emails convert into a business lead, that’s 10 more leads, effectively doubling the lead output per month.

What to expect, step-by-step

Steps are similar to those listed under website conversion optimization.

We’ll work with you to identify areas of improvement, put together a solid strategy to test changes and then execute the tests.

This includes:

  • Understanding your business, website and what’s lacking
  • Putting together a series of test objectives such as improving conversion rate of a contact form
  • Gaining access to the website’s backend
  • Installing scripts to run testing and analysis apps like Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Creating A / B tests to run experiments
  • Monitoring experiments over a period of time often 2 weeks to 1 month
  • Reporting on results of the experiment and whether to implement the changes ‘permanently’ on the site

Where it’s performed

Work is performed remotely.

How long conversion experiments last

Expect individual tests to take at least two weeks before clear results are determined. Some tests can be performed at the same time which shortens overall duration for multiple tests.

When work starts

Once we agree on terms of work, receive initial payment and have logins to your website.


You will receive:

  • Consultation on improving conversions on your website
  • Execution of conversion optimization experiments on your website
  • Suggestions for applying test results more permanently to your website
  • Data showing before and afters results of tests

What’s required of you

  • Access to at least one individual in sales / marketing / leadership who has a deep understanding of the company’s customers, goals, successes and failures.
  • Data such as product / service revenue numbers, anonymous customer demographics and website metrics.
  • Access to the backend of the website similar to what a front-end developer would have. If this is not possible, access to your DNS records allows us to host test pages using a subdomain of your website.


$2,500 - $10,000 per month

Payment Terms

Online invoices sent via Intuit Quickbooks for ACH payment is preferred. This allows instant payment of invoices and immediate start / continuation of work with no additional processing fees. Checks are also accepted but may have delay of work due to mail, finance processing delays. Credit cards accepted, client responsible for transaction fees which will be added to invoice.