New Website Launch Services

New website launch services to make your development site live on your company's website domain.

We'll handle all the technical stuff it takes getting your development site live.

What are Website Launch Services?

After a website has been designed on a staging or development environment it must be migrated to the final hosting environment and domain. There are several key steps involved to make this happen with as little downtime as possible for your company.

What to expect, step-by-step

A website launch generally follows this process:

  • The development website is approved for launch.
  • The developer provides either:
  • Access to the development hosting environment
  • Or the website files including the database (for example, Wordpress is made up of files and a SQL database)
  • You provide logins to
  • Web hosting
  • DNS (ex: Godaddy)
  • We do the following:
  • Quick audit the site to ensure there are no major issues that will affect your SEO or performance
  • Setup the new hosting environment
  • Upload the files
  • Adjust necessary file settings
  • Point the domain to the new hosting
  • Copy other DNS settings from previous hosting (ex: email MX records)
  • (Optional) Make adjustments to notify the search engines about the change

Usually there’s a delay with seeing the new website. This is due to something called propogation. We’ll monitor the website to ensure there are no issues and to troubleshoot in the event your website is not displaying properly. If absolutely necessary we can revert your website to the previous one.

Where is work performed?

Work is performed remotely with Q&A over phone and email.

Length of time to complete a website launch

This varies depending on:

  • File size. More files and / or larger file sizes means more download and upload time.
  • Any delays due to design or development issues that pop-up and require us to redo the transfer process.

In general, it should take 2 to 3 days to complete the work and then an additional 2 days to monitor the DNS propogation. If you have a media heavy website or large website, this may be more of an undertaking and could take an additional couple of days or even an extra week. A more realistic quote can be given easily if you provide the current domain or, better yet, the development site you’re launching.

When work starts

Once we agree on terms of work, receive initial payment and have logins to any necessary websites or software.


  • Discussion, Q&A over phone and email to plan the launch
  • Migration of your development website to your live site environment

What’s required of you

  • Access to at least one individual with an understanding of your website’s technical setup now and after the redesign.
  • Access to the hosting environments we are transferring to and from


Highly variable based on the number of pages and complexity of your website. Please contact for a quote. Expect the technical work for a site launch to cost $1,500+.

Payment Terms

Online invoices sent via Intuit Quickbooks for ACH payment or Chase Quickpay / Zelle is preferred. This allows instant payment of invoices and immediate start / continuation of work with no additional processing fees. Checks are also accepted but may have delay of work due to mail and processing delays. Credit cards accepted, you are responsible for transaction fees which will be added to invoice (3%).