Nice Words From Clients

A collection of niceties from clients and advisees over the last six-and-a-half years.

Graham did our SEO for our current site and is probably the best SEO guy I have ever met.  I have asked him to be involved with our site rework to ensure we don’t mess up our SEO in the process.

I’m so glad to see how well we’re doing!  Looks like we are well on our way to a full recovery!  At this rate we should be at the target we had for the end of last year!

Thank you for all your hard work!  We look forward to a bright future working with you!

I know I've said it before, but you have no idea how thankful I am that you're on our team.  There is no way this would be blowing up like this without you!

I can't say enough great things about Graham. My entire interaction with him totaled maybe an hour at most, but I was beyond impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Not to mention he's just a nice guy to talk to!

I was doing preliminary research about buying a hotel directory website and a possible redesign. He responded to my email right away with a list of questions to better understand my situation and proposed a call. His advice was indispensable and he clearly knows what he's talking about. I never felt like I was being sold to -- in fact, the opposite. He felt like a trusted friend who just wanted the best for me.

In the end, I didn't need to use his services because he helped me look at the bigger picture. However, if I ever end up redesigning a website, he will be my first call. It's not just his expertise, but his confident, patient demeanor that would be assets during a stressful and often complex situation like redesigning a website without tanking SEO.

Thanks again for your help, Graham!

Graham was kind enough to offer professional advice on our situation without even making a pitch for the business. An honest assessment from his perspective is important for us to understand as a small company with a small marketing budget. This was refreshing since most companies we've dealt with go heavy on the sales side and follow up with very little.

My small, nonprofit company hired GainTap to help with marketing; GainTap listened to our needs and offered a second service, building us an entire proprietary learning management system for a great price. Graham and GainTap were incredibly easy to work with, very responsive, thorough, detailed and creative. I highly recommend hiring GainTap! We plan to use them as often as possible.

Been working with Graham for over two years now and he's been a great asset in the growth of my business. I went through Fiverr to have some website work done that ended up dropping my site's rank on Google. A friend of mine found and suggested GainTap. I reached out and was quickly contacted by Graham who set up a time to talk. We spoke over the phone and I could immediately tell that not only did he know what he's doing, but he is also personally invested in the success of his clients.

I'm happy to have found Graham and will continue to work with him as he's proven to be an invaluable resource when it comes to website design, SEO, and marketing. I know this because I've hired GainTap to do all of these things for me since we started working together.

As a final note, aside from great service and work, Graham is a genuinely good person, and from my experience, he prioritizes that first. Something that is very rare in business.

My experience with GainTap was GREAT!! Graham was professional, quick to respond to questions, and walked me through the entire process. He did an exceptional job turning my rough ideas into a smooth flowing and interactive webpage. He made it easy to transition my old webpages into my new site while updating all of the search engines.

Lots of knowledge in local SEO and digital marketing in Chicago area.

Graham doesn't just do SEO. He's extremely good at solving website problems. Somebody in another country published my photo alongside their biography. Graham was persistent and clever. He tracked that person down and got them to remove my photo.

GainTap performed an assessment of my website. They asked a lot of questions about keywords, the audience I’m trying to attract, and what I want users to do on the site. They helped me optimize important pages on the site. They also addressed navigation issues. In terms of strategy, they guide my thinking about how to make the site more valuable and more productive in the future.

I did a search of local SEO companies and read profiles and reviews. I didn't want to be the smallest client at a big firm or the biggest client at a small firm. I wanted somebody who was in tune with what I was trying to accomplish. I called and spoke to Graham. I was impressed with how straightforward and honest he is. I previously worked with another small SEO firm. They didn't deliver so that's why I switched to GainTap.

I've seen a lot of growth in terms of number of visitors. I'm also getting a lot more leads through the website. GainTap is very good about keeping track of search trends on Google. It's difficult because Google keeps coming out with new updates, but giving less information about how to respond. The results are up and down. I work with a lot of small businesses who hire SEO consultants. I get better results than most of my clients.