No Bullshit Approach to Business

I define no bullshit as:

  • You being 100% transparent with your business goals, issues and data.
  • Me giving you honest feedback regardless of how it impacts our work relationship.

I understand I'm a guy on the Internet and I need to earn your trust.

That's why:

  • I give anyone a 30 minute convo, for free. If you think I'm an idiot, you wasted $0.
  • I have posted some nice words from clients.
  • I personally wrote up a few case studies. If you only read one, make it this.
  • I do not publicly share the names of my clients' organizations online.
  • I sign NDAs regularly.

Sharing your goals, issues and data

Being open with me will save you time and money. It will help me get you the right answer, faster.

Example: Optimizing a Google Ads account

You may think: why do you need my revenue data, just:

  • Get me more clicks, for less.
  • Get me more conversions, for less.

But you don't pay payroll and rent with clicks and conversions. You pay it with cash. My goal is optimizing for more profit.

I need to know:

  • How many of those conversions turn into customers.
  • How much those customers spend.
  • What hurdles are there along the way?
  • How do we remove those hurdles?

This is what I do: optimize for profit.

Giving you honest feedback regardless of how it impacts our relationship.

I'd rather make $0 than take your money and fail to solve your problem.

You have questions and need answers. I may give you answers you don't want to hear but should be aware of.

Those answers could be things like:

  • No, this is a bad idea, don't do it.
  • You have a bigger problem than the one you want to work on and you need to focus on that, first.
  • What's your budget for this? No, you won't be able to do this. But you could do something with less features instead.
  • I'm not experienced in solving your problem and you should work with someone else.
  • Your company made a bad decision and you need to reverse it ASAP.

None of those sound like:

  • Yes, whatever you say - please pay me.

So in short my no bullshit approach is: be real, solve problems.

I encourage you to continue learning about what I can offer you by reviewing my general process next.