First Page Ranking on Google, 372% Visit Increase

Jamine Blesoff is a naturopathic doctor in Chicago, IL. She runs a practice specializing in natural medicine for children. She hired us to provide direction on increasing her search engine presence.


Organic Search +372%

Visits from Google organic search increased by 372%.

Local Visits +465%

Visits from Google organic search within the Chicago area increased by 465%.

First Page Rankings

Most main “money” keywords went from page 5 (position 50-60) to positions 1-6.

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What We Did

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Migrated to WordPress

We migrated her website from a static HTML website to WordPress. This made it easier to update the site without using a web developer.

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Better Content, Better SEO

We performed on-site optimization of the website focusing on consolidating and interlinking. We created new optimization page titles and descriptions based on market research. We assisted with backlink building, guest post research, content ideation and creation.

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