Redesign Guide


Part 1: Planning Your Website

Planning is the most important phase of any project. You're about to invest serious time and money towards building a new website. Do it right from the start.
8 min read

Part 2: Structuring Your Content

Now that you understand how to plan out a website redesign, you can start thinking about the meat and potatoes of the site. Let's talk about the content.
6 min read

Part 3: Keeping Data Clean

Keeping all your website’s data and analytics during a website redesign is important. If you have website analytics on your existing website, you're going to want to carry this over to the new site so you can monitor performance chances.
4 min read

Part 4: Handling Your Content

In this part of the Website Redesign Guide, we’re going to discuss your web content including text, images and video.
3 min read

Part 5: Designing Your Website

A lot of people consider design to be the first step of a website redesign project. But, in reality, there are several steps both before and after that are equally or more important.
4 min read

Part 6: Coding Your Design

This is the web development portion of our website redesign guide. After you finish the design phase, you will need to work with a web developer to turn these designs into a website.
4 min read

Part 7: Keeping Your SEO

A website redesign can be a major destabilizing event for your site's SEO. Learn how to prevent the most common issues that affect search engine visits during this phase.
5 min read

Part 8: Launching Your New Website

At this point, everything should be complete. You've structured your content, you’ve migrated your content, you've designed the pages and you’ve developed the site and you’ve optimized it. Now it's time to launch.
4 min read

Part 9: Monitoring Your Website

Once the site launches, it’s time to start monitoring changes in metrics. This is the only way to know whether or not the redesign is helping you accomplish your business goals.
1 min read

Website Traffic Drop and Redesign SEO Troubleshooting

Launching a new website or changing content on the site without the input of someone who's thinking about the technical marketing side of your design can lead to some unintended consequences.
8 min read