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Redesign Consulting Helps Angel Investor Maximize Investment In Startup’s Website

Challenge: Ensure the website redesign increases visits from searchers on Google by restructuring content and meeting all technical best practices to build on existing traffic.


Provided consulting on migrating content in a way to preserve existing website traffic and increase the visits from search engines.


The startup is a mid-sized technology company that connects buyers and sellers nationwide in an emerging healthcare segment. The investor knew that redesigned websites can upset rankings in Google which can disrupt visits and sales. The startup had a team of content writers who published content daily, growing Google search visits to 1,000 per day. Losing this wasn’t an option so we were contacted to help steer them in the right direction.


The investor was knowledgeable in search engine optimization and provided a sitemap of the new website to show how the structure would be changing. He also sent over a one-sheeter of items he wanted to accomplish from our discussion along with access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console to pull website visit data for analysis.

Client was advised on the following:

  • How to preserve SEO value of content that would be moved and removed.
  • Which content could be completely removed from the website with little business impact.
  • The process needed to organize 60,000+ pages into content groups to improve SEO.
  • A spreadsheet listing harmful websites that were pointing to the website and how to negate their impact.
  • A spreadsheet listing duplicate content on the website that was likely causing the website to rank lower than it should on Google.
  • The importance of migrating scripts like Google Analytics to maintain consistent tracking between the current (soon to be old) and new website.
  • Additional navigation elements that should be added to improve Google’s crawling of the website.

The information I provided was shared with the client’s developers and designers. My audit also uncovered plagiarism within the writing team. One of the writers was copy and pasting content from another website which, aside from issues with Google, opened up legal complications as well.

The audit helped the startup apply a more search engine friendly structure to their development website which is scheduled for a mid-2020 rollout. I have been retained to provide guidance during and after the rollout as well and will be updating this case study throughout the client relationship.