startup holding up check for $100K

 Here’s our client holding up a $100,000 check they won at a startup funding contest. Blurred out for privacy / NDA.

A real estate startup had a vision for changing the game. But first, they needed funding. We were brought in to help prove there was a demand for their idea.

For phase one, all we wanted to do was show that people were interested in the startup’s service. We added tracking code to their existing website to measure user actions on the site. We then developed online advertising campaigns to send qualified people to their website. We were able to prove that there were users interested in their offering by the number of sign-ups we received.

For phase two, we wanted to prove that someone might buy the service. We added a credit card reservation form to the website where a visitor could book a refundable $25 consultation.

We were able to get enough paid consultations reserved to prove that the startup had merit. This allowed them to secure their initial seed funding. They invested this funding in fulltime team members and a more professional, long-term website.

With their new website, branding and team in place they impressed the judges at a startup contest and won a $100,000 check to continue building their startup.


  • User testing allowed them to get first round of seed funding.
  • Additional testing helped prove there was a market for their idea to get further investment and launch for real.
  • Won additional $100,000 funding in startup contest.