Risk Assessment

A service that offers a lot of value.

A quick analysis of the risk you're taking by redesigning your website.

What is a website redesign Risk Assessment?

The risk assessment is a survey of your company and analysis of your website that lets us grade how risky redesigning your site will be for your organization’s online sales. This is the entry point into our service offerings having a high value to cost ratio. The results of this assessment will allow you to save money by not overpaying for redesign services or by preventing issues that would hurt your redesign

What to expect

I ask you about your company and what you envision with the new website. Then I perform a quick audit of the site, looking for major areas of risk. I then let you know if redesigning your website is something that should be done with or without a professional website redesign and / or search engine optimization / SEO specialist. Sometimes the answer is no, and that’s OK. Other times, you will be taking huge risks with your company by leaving out the technical marketing side of the redesign.

The website redesign risk assessment process

First I ask questions such as:

  • How reliant is your company on your website for new business?
  • Does your website serve an internal function such as hosting internal training materials?
  • Please describe your company’s online marketing.
  • What domain do you use for emailing?
  • Check all features that apply to your website (from a list of options).
  • What’s the goal of your redesign?
  • What new features are you adding?

I then:

  • Analyze your site and compare to your answers.
  • Determine your risk.
  • Provide an overview of risk and how to prevent issues from occuring.

Where is work performed?

Work is performed remotely with communication over email.

How long does it take to get results back from a website redesign risk assessment?

Less than one week.

When does work begin?

The next business day after payment is received.


A short overview of your risk resulting in a rating of:

  • No risk. You can redesign freely without damaging your business.
  • Some risk. You can redesign but be careful of one or two items I will highlight.
  • Confirmed risk. Your redesign, if not done properly, will negatively impact your business.

What’s required of you

  • Access to at least one individual in sales / marketing / leadership who has a deep understanding of the company’s customers, goals, successes and failures.
  • Transparent access to data such as product / service revenue numbers, anonymous customer demographics and website metrics.
  • For technical consultation, access to the backend of the website and / or the marketing platforms I am consulting on.


The assessment is $600. This is a low cost / high value service with a fast turnaround and big picture overview that answers the question: “how worried should I be that redesigning my website will screw things up?”

If I'm digging deep into your website including how to make it better, how to prevent issues, etc. this is called an audit which is a separate service.

Payment Terms

Accepted payment methods:

  • Quickbooks secure invoicing via ACH payment through our online invoice.
  • Checks but there will be a delay of work until the check is deposited into our business account.
  • Chase Quickpay or Zelle.
  • Credit cards through Quickbooks secure invoicing but there is a +3% fee added.