Our Services

Monthly Online Marketing Support

GainTap provides exceptional value by offering monthly online marketing support for small businesses built on WordPress. Though we can provide one-off services, every business greatly benefits from an integrated marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

We don’t consider ourselves to be just an SEO company. The difference between an SEO company and a digital marketing company like GainTap is we prefer to measure an increase in profits vs. an increase in keyword rankings. Our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and tactics are well proven by the increase in leads and revenue our clients see from organic search. Read more.

Online Advertising (PPC)

If you could spend $1 to make $5, would you? Online advertising gives your business an opportunity to automate your growth by spending X dollars to generate Y revenue. Our focus is on making your costs as low as possible while maximizing your revenue. This involves smart strategies, constant monitoring and optimization. We launch search, display and remarketing campaigns on Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and countless network partners. Read more.

WordPress Websites

We specialize in developing and customizing WordPress websites. We believe a company’s website is the foundation of their online marketing. WordPress gives your company a cost-effective, flexible yet solid framework to build on. We can develop websites on WordPress for much less than alternative content management systems or static HTML. This means more money you can put towards other online marketing initiatives that will help grow your business. Read more.

Web Content

Your website is nothing without content. Great web content brings people to your site, turns them into prospects, converts them into customers and keeps them coming back. Our content team provides a variety of website content from complete web content builds for new sites to monthly blogging articles. All content is optimized for search engines and thoroughly researched and edited. Read more.