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This page is here so you can familiarize yourself with terminology I may use on a call with you when diagnosing your website and marketing issues.


Service Description
Website Consulting Advice on getting the most out of your website and marketing programs. Can be a one-off call or an ongoing retainer.
Risk Assessment Determining risks of redesigning or other website changes.

Website & Marketing Audits

Service Description
Baseline audit Helps you understand what people do on your website, what content is important and how it drives business for your organization. Sets a baseline of comparison before any major changes like a website redesign.
Google Ads audit Identifies and recommends corrections for issues related to paid search campaigns. Finds wasteful spending and helps dial in your account for higher profitability.
SEO audit Identifies and recommends corrections for issues related to your ability to generate organic search traffic.
Launch audit Performed immediately before replacing an existing website with a redesigned website. A last scan to catch issues that may cause problems.
Post-Launch audit Ongoing monitoring of your website to spot early signs of issues your new website may be causing.

Fulfillment Work

Service Description
Code installation Updating scripts, tags and code on your website.
Conversion optimization A broad category of activities that involves running experiments on your website with the goal of increasing positive actions such as contacts and calls.
Content migration Moving your content from one website to another. Common when redesigning a website, changing web hosting environments or moving to a new content management system.
Website launch You have a website designed but need to have it hosted and functioning on a domain name on the Internet.
Bad redesign recovery Finding what went wrong during your website redesign and correcting it.