I’m A Chicago SEO Consultant
Who Actually Lives Here

Graham is the SEO consultant and owner of GainTap – a Chicago based search marketing and WordPress customization company.

Want more local customers? Work with an SEO who understands Chicago.

If you want your business in front of more Chicagoans you need to work with a Chicago SEO who actually lives here. I grew up in the burbs (Aurora…party on, Wayne!) and have lived in Chicago for the last 15 years. As a kid I made money slinging newspapers for the Beacon News and then went on to sling pizzas at different pizza places. In the early 2000’s I moved to Lakeview for a shorter commute to Columbia College Chicago and got into SEO while building websites for friends. This started my career in online marketing and SEO.

With over a decade of experience working in online marketing helping small businesses and enterprise companies, I started GainTap. As a Chicago SEO expert I help your business get more people from the Chicagoland area to visit your business and buy from you. It doesn’t matter whether you want to rank in Lincoln Park or Glencoe, I’ll make it happen.

You need a partner who gets it, not another person to manage.

One of the reasons you’re looking to hire a local Chicago SEO is because you don’t have the time to do the work. For this reason, you need someone who doesn’t need hand holding. I’m not only an SEO consultant, I’m a business owner. If I didn’t get things done, you wouldn’t be reading this. It’d be a dead website.

A Chicago SEO understands the area.

It’s important to work with an SEO who lives here and is familiar with the area. Someone who knows it’s the L not the El. Who doesn’t think you’re on drugs when you say LSD. A big part of SEO is writing in a way that connects with your customers. You think a guy from Miami who’s never seen snow can relate to your customers who spend six months in Chicago’s winter?

Double check your list of Chicago SEOs, a lot aren’t from here

A lot of these SEOs showing up on Google in Chicago aren’t from around here. They’re renting PO boxes and lying on their websites. Is that how you want to start a relationship off with someone as important as your SEO?

An SEO from Chicago can meet you in more ways than just Skype. Like, in real life face-to-face.

As your Chicago SEO, not only do I live here – my office is here, too. I live in Uptown about a mile north of Wrigley Field. Our office is in Ravenswood at 1802 W. Berteau Ave. If you listen to our videos you’ll probably hear the L every couple of minutes. It’s about 50 feet from our windows.

When you work with an SEO who’s in Chicago, meeting face-to-face is an option. Not so much with the other guys who are out of town. That’s important when you’re looking for partners, not contractors. If you’re looking to have an SEO partner who learns about your business and works as an extension of your team, then picking a local Chicago SEO is the right move.

We proudly perform 100% of our SEO from our office in Chicago, IL.

90% of our SEO work is done for Chicago based organizations and 100% is done from our office in Chicago. We never outsource or contract SEO work out internationally. If your business deals with sensitive information or you’re looking to employ only USA based SEOs, we’re the SEO company for you. We also hire local members of the community and give back through sponsoring organizations like Chi Hack Night and being members in the North Center Chamber of Commerce and Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce.

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