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We help write, communicate and distribute the story of you.

You sell widgets. We sell widgets. Everyone sells widgets. And people buy widgets. Pretty boring, right? Our approach to content marketing builds a narrative around your widgets and why you started selling them. You’re no longer just selling widgets. Now you’re solving a problem with widgets. And people who have that problem are absolutely loving you. Good job, you.

Good content matters. It’s what gets shared. It’s what search engines like Google put at the top of their rankings. A good content consultant can guide your business to tell your story in a way that generates revenue for your company.

Big agencies have a lot of overheard and they pass this cost onto you. You’ve heard of micro-brews? We’ll we’re a micro-content marketing agency. And the key word here is marketing. Not blogging. Not posting. But marketing. Driving revenue is our priority because having more money is important to our clients.

How we help you create content that matters.

OK, so now you know why content is important. But how does GainTap help you create powerful content?

We get to know your business. We map out your business objectives. Where you are now. Where you’d like to be in a year. What makes your business unique and all those finer details. Then we look at obstacles. How do we overcome them? What are the opportunities?

We help you understand your customers wants and needs. You’re on a date with your best customer. Where do you take her? What does she like to eat? What’s she reading online? What’s she talking about with her friends? Where’s she excited to vacation this summer? Researching your customer will lead to tons of content opportunities so your business can be relevant to current and potential customers.

We focus on building customers, not followers. Marketing channels are constantly evolving. Myspace is dead. Tomorrow, maybe it will be Twitter or Facebook. Content strategy stays ahead of the curve by putting your content on the most effective channels for your business. Maybe none of your customers use Twitter. So why waste your time and money building a Twitter following? Content strategy optimizes your time and money so you’re building customers, not just followers.

We understand that driving traffic and sales are totally different things.

It’s really easy to drive traffic with content. Some posts can go viral, get 10,000 shares on Facebook and lead to absolutely no sales activity. Others can be very niche, get shared among a handful of individuals and bring in new customers. Which would you rather have?

Being strategic about your content keeps you ahead of your competition. In the business world, so many businesses just talk about themselves. We did this. We’re doing this. Our widget got ranked best widget by a top widget guy.

Engaging content is less about you and more about them. Talk about your customers, talk about what they’re doing. And in doing so, you bring yourself  up above the competition. You standout, you’re unique. And that’s content people can get behind.

The only way to grow on social media is with a content strategy. Consistency has been shown time and time again to improve the engagement of social media posts. Once you’re consistent with your posts, and all your posts have a flow, you don’t just go around picking random posts and yelling them at people on the Internet. When content strategy leads your content creation efforts, you’re having conversations.

Different types of content we create

Blog posts. OK, yeah blog posts are huge. They’re simply the specialized pieces of writing that are designed to engage online readers, attract links and initiate an interaction between you and prospective customers. Like we’ve already mentioned, we do more than just write blog posts for you. If you’re stuck on what to blog about, we can help you identify hot topics in addition to pitching them for you.

Authority articles. Authority articles help to establish you as an expert in your industry. This is particularly important when it comes to attracting links for SEO and creating a loyal user base.

Linkbait. Linkbaits, like the name suggests, are specifically written to direct links to your websites. Think of Buzzfeed, Gawker or any of those media sites. This may include the pieces created for an industry journal, national newspaper, well-known blogger, directory website and bookmarking site. We can help with an effective linkbait strategy for your blog or other content so it can blow up on social media.

Optimized press releases. Press releases are great for garnering attention from relevant sources in the industry. They can also come handy when you want to maximize visibility from search engines. We’re here to help you write a great press release for your website.

Optimized content for search engines. Quality content is king, but there are some rules for ranking better in search that need to be followed. We can offer guides or rewrite an existing piece so it includes all the good signals search engines like.

Images, graphics, photos and icons created or sourced. Finding the right images can be the most time consuming part of a content program. We’ll speed that up. Finding the right images, graphics, photos and icons doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help with the creation and sourcing of image content for your website and marketing campaigns. The game has changed. Ten years ago you would hire a designer to create custom images for you. Now, those designers have moved to networks where they host pre-made images, graphics, photos and icons all available for a few dollars. Sourcing image content has never been easier, if you know where to look. For the extreme cases where you image needs fall outside the 1,000,000+ available images on these networks, we’ve got a short list of excellent designers to partner with.

Why choose us to create content for you?

We’ve got the resources for any size job. Small jobs are personally handled in-house. For very large jobs, our in-house leads the strategy and editing of content by talented contractors. Nothing is gets OK’d without being combed through by us. We can handle all your online activities, giving you enough time to focus on running your business. All our activities are handled professionally with project plans and deadlines. Well-edited, formatted and high-impact content on-time and on-budget.

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