Digital marketing services for Indie game developers

Need downloads on launch day?
Start building buzz around your game release.

Game Microsites

Spend time coding bug fixes and features, not a website. We’ll launch an affordable microsite to showcase your upcoming game.

Game Review Outreach

Get featured on popular sites so gamers can learn about your new release. We get you in front of bloggers and influencers who will love to tell people about your game.

Social Advertising

Build buzz for launch day by reaching gamers directly. We manage social strategy and advertising to maximize downloads on release day.

iOS App Store

Did you know featured games are hand picked by real humans? This means you need a plan that focuses on reaching the people who make decisions for the app store as well as your game’s fans. We help you develop a strategy to increase your chances of winning a featured spot in your game’s genre.

Google Play Store

Android has 53% market share for mobile phones in the USA. That’s 141 million Android users. How many of them would love to play your game? Do they know it exists? We get you in front of the right people who will download your app with targeted advertising and smart outreach. Now let’s get you some downloads!


Positive reviews are critical to your game’s success on Steam. This means keeping gamers happy with progress updates and bug fixes. While you handle that, we’ll use great Steam reviews as testimonials on your website, advertising and outreach to game bloggers.

I’m a huge gamer.

It’s something I’ve been hooked on since the title screen of Contra on Nintendo back in the late 80s. I still have books of handwritten saved game codes and game soundtrack recordings for when I got sent to my room. I even had a question featured in Nintendo Power (the highlight of my grade school life).

I’ve built gaming PCs, dragged them to LAN parties and played / beta tested some of the earliest MMOs (Asheron’s Call, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, and dozens more). These days, I’m a mobile gamer. I spend at least $500 a year on mobile games and have around 40 on my phone right now. I’m a huge strategy, roguelike and turn based fan. I love finding a hidden gem, especially one with low budget graphics but crazy addictive gameplay.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know that gaming and mobile gaming is something I deeply understand. Specifically, what gets people to buy games and what gets games deleted. When you work with GainTap, you work with a digital marketing partner that has your game, development studio and users at the top of their list. You make games so people can play them. Let’s make that happen, together.

Graham Onak
Owner, GainTap