E-commerce Store Traffic and Conversion Optimization

Your website should be making more money. Even with Amazon sales, your biggest profits come through your own online store. How do you get it to drive more sales? The answer is, you need to invest in fixing up your existing e-commerce site.

Just like a physical building, your website needs repairs, overhauls, remodeling and expansion. You can outgrow your existing site or scale back and find ways maximize your resources. Investment in a strong, stable website is the foundation for a high-performing and profitable online business.

Some Services we Perform

Writing Product Descriptions Blog Content Creation Web Development / Schema
Monthly Site Audits Analytics Setup and Tracking Conversion Optimization
Bi-Monthly Consulting Call Payment Gateway Integration Google Shopping Campaign Setup
Google Merchant Integration Google Remarketing Campaign Setup Facebook Remarketing Campaign Setup
Advertising Management Social Media Management Consulting Calls

Getting People To Buy Takes More Than Great Prices And Coupons.

Speed matters

When someone visits your store, you want them to have a great experience. The same holds true for e-commerce stores. Studies show even milliseconds make a huge difference in store profits online. The more products you have, the longer your site load time is. Having a fast loading site not only improves user experience and sales on your site, but it also increases the chances of ranking on search engines.

Main reasons for slow sites include

  • Too many products loading on a page
  • Large product image sizes that aren’t compressed for web
  • Too many categories loading through Javascript
  • Not tidying up 301 redirects
  • Server issues (not caching, not using a content delivery network)

You need content and you need great content

You’ve heard this before. In order to sell more online, you need kick ass product descriptions and images that make people want to buy your products. If you only have a couple dozen products, this is no problem. If you have thousands, it can be cost prohibitive to crank out major league copy and photos for each of them. That’s why smart e-commerce store owners have both good content and great content. We help identify high margin items worth spending the time to build great content around. For lower margin products, we’ll create cost-effective content that boosts search rankings and increases the quality of your site. This is the highest return on investment (ROI) way to boost your site’s sales.

Main areas of content optimization we focus on:

  • Product descriptions and category descriptions to eliminate thin or duplicate content penalities from search engines.
  • Consolidation of multiple variations of a products (eg, red widget, blue widget, green widget)
  • Internal linking to increase site visit duration and funnel buyers to the right products
  • Creation of an image and content writing process for your in-house team
  • Image processing of in-store / warehouse photos (optimization for the web, cleaning up, “airbrushing”)

Brings buyers to your site and back to your site

Google Shopping PLA campaigns run Adwords ads when users search for product related search terms on Google and on Google Shopping. This is unique to e-commerce stores. If you’re not using Google Shopping campaigns, you need to. These campaigns can generate a massive amount of traffic often for as little as 5 cents per visit. But if left alone, these campaigns can literally nickel and dime your ad budget into the red. You also need to take advantage of Re-marketing to bring past visitors back when they’re ready to buy.

This can be done through a combination of re-marketing for search, display and Google Shopping PLA campaigns. None of these are set it and forget it types of campaigns. They need to have at least weekly maintenance done make sure your campaigns are getting the right views and clicks.

Advertising features:

  • Setup / syncing of your e-commerce store’s products with Google Merchant
  • Setup and management of Google Shopping campaigns
  • Ongoing optimization of Google Shopping campaigns and Google Merchant accounts
  • Setup and management of re-marketing campaigns including Google Dynamic Search Ads and Facebook re-marketing