Get More Visibility in Your Area with Local SEO

Graham is the SEO consultant and owner of GainTap – a Chicago based search marketing and WordPress customization company.

Does your business rely on customers from specific zip codes, neighborhoods, cities or states? Then a local SEO expert like myself can help get you more of these nearby searchers to your site.

Why you need to hire a local SEO expert

Hiring a local SEO pro to get more customers who are close to your store, practice or office is a smart move. Google prefers to show searchers businesses that are close to their location. They can pinpoint searchers using their phone or WiFi location. This gives you an advantage over other businesses who don’t have a physical location near these searchers. But only if you invest in sending the right signals to Google. 

Look for an SEO with experience

As an SEO consultant I spend a lot of time ranking local businesses. I help brick-and-mortar businesses get more customers to their stores. I’ll also get more phone calls to business that operate in a larger service area. I’ve even worked on political campaigns and had candidates ranking from zero to the first page on Google in one week.

Scaling local SEO across multiple locations

If you have multiple stores or offices then you must invest in hiring a local SEO expert to help Google understand the different locations. If your business has more than one location, I take the basics of ranking one physical location and scale it across multiple stores or service areas. This is often called multi-location SEO.

The most powerful tool for local businesses

You want to give Google the most accurate info about your business. This means setting up your local Google business pages with the right address, phone number, business category and photos. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes having an experienced SEO set this up for you.

Getting your website right with Google

I make your website send the right local signals to Google. This means making sure your contact info is correct on your site. If you have different locations then I’ll build out individual pages for them.

Budgeting for local SEO

Your budget will make a big impact with how detailed your pages can get. The more locations you have then the greater the costs. That’s why it’s important you work with an SEO who’ll listen to you and understand your goals. The right SEO strategy can help you reach them. The wrong one will take you in the wrong direction. I’m not the cheapest or most expensive SEO out there. I charge a fair price for work and get results. If you’d like to have a discussion about getting more calls and foot traffic to your local business, let’s chat.

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