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Google Analytics

Start understanding how well your website works for your business. We setup Google Analytics to measure user activity on your website. It’s a great, cost-effective way to get an idea of how well your website performs.

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Competitive Research

Discover how to beat your competitors online. We look at your competition’s website and online presence. Then we put together data and reporting that explains why they’re beating you and what you can do about it.

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Ongoing Consulting

Focus your company on measurable goals. We help you plan, measure and grow marketing programs to generate revenue for your business. Scheduled phone calls and written analysis keep you focused.

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B2B Companies

For Business-to-Business companies it’s all about leads, closing deals and time. Our analytics and consulting helps you get more website leads so you can spend time closing sales and meeting prospects.

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Local businesses have unique challenges and strengths. We help you understand these and use your marketing dollars to get more customers into your place of business.

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Startups / SaaS

Show user growth so you can encourage investment. Website analytics play an important role in tracking user activity, spotting trends and knowing if your product is gaining traction in the market.

Graham is my kind of marketer: all about execution, no fluff, totally focused on numbers and getting results. His swiss-army knife online marketing skillset allows him to use whatever tactics are right to achieve the goals for a given project. And he’s a great all-around guy on top of that. Hire him before your competition does.

Mark Aistrope

Graham Onak
Owner / Consultant, GainTap

Why Hire An Online Marketing Consultant?

Website Redesigns / Updates

Your company has outgrown its current website. Where do you go from here? Updating your website can be risky, especially if you don’t understand which pages on your site bring in new customers. GainTap’s online marketing consulting services reduce risk from big website changes and provide clarity around what to keep and what to get rid of. We can also interface with designers and developers and lead complicated custom web development projects.

Increase Monetization

How do you turn website traffic into cash? GainTap will guide you with ways to monetize your website that go beyond Google Adsense. This includes building email lists, developing digital products, generating affiliate sales and implementing e-commerce solutions.

Lead Generation

Not getting as many phone calls or emails lately? Something may have happened to your website that is affecting your sales. GainTap’s developers can solve technical issues that may be causing decreased lead submissions. We can also offer advice and manage projects aimed at generating more inquiries from your website.

Goal Setting / Analytics

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to understand where you’re at now. You need analytics software installed and configured properly to do this. You may have software set up, but don’t know how to filter out the noise. Our consulting shows you the numbers that matter and develops consistent, continuous reporting for your organization.

What To Expect

A data-driven approach to online marketing that finds your company new customers and openings to position in the market.

GainTap’s consulting is performed by the owner of the company, Graham Onak. He has a background in enterprise-level database marketing, sales management and marketing fulfillment sourcing along with a decade of experience managing marketing programs for small businesses and eCommerce sites. He’ll leverage this background to drive maximum return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Wondering how hiring an outside marketing professional can help your company?

GainTap seeks to accomplish the following within 30 days:

  • Identify the baseline company metrics
  • Clarify company product and service offerings
  • Analyze customers and target audience
  • Set company goals to achieve for marketing and sales
  • Create or modify marketing budget
  • Identify a marketing strategy
  • Create a plan of action to achieve marketing success

Five Reasons to Contract vs. Hire Fulltime

Top 5 reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Online Marketing Leadership

#1. An outside marketing pro can work with your existing marketing team.

Let’s say you’ve got an established chief marketing officer or vice president of marketing at your company – or someone who fills those shoes without the title. Outsourcing a marketing professional doesn’t mean you have to fire this person. A marketing consultant brought in for a short-term project can help guide an existing team and offer new insights to a current marketing director.

#2. Bringing in outside help sheds new light on old problems.

A marketing consultant has one huge advantage over any in-house team member; they bring a fresh perspective to your business. It’s very easy to get so close to a problem that it starts hiding in plain sight. An online marketing consultant from the outside can help find these problems in your marketing channels.

#3. Contracted roles can easily be eliminated.

Businesses and markets change. You have to fire employees – sometimes even good ones who no longer fit the current growth strategy of your business. With a contracted marketer, you’ll be able to have more control over your marketing employment costs, if necessary.

#4. A part-time marketing professional can help scale marketing departments.

If you have an existing marketing department or maybe just a marketing strategy in place, an outsourced marketing professional can help you build out marketing programs. Marketing generally underachieves due to a lack of two resources: money and time. If you have a marketing budget but not enough human resources, outsourcing your marketing can help you grow faster.

#5. See faster growth with an outsourced marketing pro on your team.

Getting the right full-time help can be slow. First of all, there’s the hiring process; you’re going to bring someone in, vet them and put them through rounds of interviews. And we’re not even talking about their qualifications on paper; there are thousands of qualified candidates who – on paper – are suited for your VP, director or CMO opportunity. But do they fit the company culture? And are they interested in sticking around for at least a year? You don’t want to make the wrong decision and sink all that time and money into the wrong person.

And once you get someone, it’s going to take another three months to get them up to speed on your business and your market. They’re salaried, too, so you’re sinking a lot of cash into them, and if they don’t work out you have to start all over again!