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You're here because you want to take your company in a new, more profitable direction. Maybe you've got new competitors or you're suffering declining revenue over the last few quarters. Whatever it is, I'm here to help.

A decade of digital marketing leadership at your disposal.

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My name is Graham and I offer part-time outsourced marketing consulting and execution. As the leader of your company, you need to spend time on the big picture: five year growth plans, making sure employees and customers are happy all while getting your profit margins as high as possible. An outsourced marketing leader like myself can take the reigns on marketing, align your brand objectives with a growth strategy and fulfill your marketing goals.

I use a data driven approach to marketing to find your company new customers and openings to position in the market. I have a background in enterprise level database marketing, sales management and marketing fulfillment sourcing. As your part-time CMO, I'll leverage this background to drive maximum return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Wondering how hiring an outside marketing professional can help your company? Here's what I'll do in the first 30 days on the job.

  • Identify the baseline company metrics
  • Clarify company product and service offerings
  • Analyze customers and target audience
  • Set company goals for marketing and sales to achieve
  • Create or modify marketing budget
  • Identify a marketing strategy
  • Create a plan of action to achieve marketing success

Read the full step-by-guide on what my first 30 days on the job as your CMO looks like.

I'm going to be very, very blunt. Older isn't always better.

A Chief Marketing Officer with an extensive resume may look great on paper. 20 years in the business means they've got a lot of stories about what used to work. Key phrase being "used to work." An impressive resume and high price tag aren't all that's brought to the table. Often times you get a big plate full of bias.

Bias doesn't grow businesses.

Bias is something that your business cannot afford. Bias doesn't grow businesses, it buries them. It's certainly not something you need to deal with nowadays with all the testing options available to you. You can now run marketing tests more easily and more profitably than ever before. A free program called Google Analytics is all you need to see who's coming to your website, what they're doing and gives you a foundation for running tests on your site. I've seen CMOs say "don't do social, it's just for kids." Really? It's just for kids?

One of my clients gets 80% of their web traffic from social media. They're in the news industry. They make money off advertising. Is money just for kids? I didn't think so.

Interested in viewing my resume and accomplishments? Let's connect.

Top 5 reasons why you should outsource your CMO role.

An outsourced CMO can work with your existing marketing team.

Let's say you've got an established CMO or VP of marketing at your company. Or someone who fills those shoes without the title. Outsourcing a CMO doesn't mean you have to fire this person. A CMO brought in for a short-term project can help guide an existing team and offer new insights to a current marketing director.

Outsourcing your CMO sheds new light on old problems.

An outsourced CMO has one huge advantage over any in-house team members. They bring a fresh perspective to your business. It's very easy to get so close to a problem that it starts hiding in plain sight. A CMO from the outside can help find these problems.

Contracted CMO roles can be easily eliminated.

Businesses and markets change. You have to fire employees. Sometimes even good ones who no longer fit the current growth strategy of your business. With a contracted CMO you'll be able to have more control over your marketing employment costs if need be.

Part-time CMO's can help scale marketing departments.

If you have an existing marketing department or maybe just a marketing strategy in place, an outsourced marketing professional can help you build out marketing programs. Marketing underachieves due to lack of resources: money and time. If you have a marketing budget but not enough human resources, outsourcing your marketing can help you grow faster.

See faster growth with outsourced CMO's on your team.

Getting the right full-time help can be slow. First of all there's the hiring process. You're going to bring someone in, vet them and put them through rounds of interviews. And we're not even talking about their qualifications on paper. On paper, there are thousands of qualified candidates for your VP, director or CMO opportunity. Do they fit the company culture? Are they interested in being here for at least a year? You don't want to make the wrong decision and sink all this time and money into the wrong person.

Once you get someone, they're going to take another three months getting up-to-speed on your business and your market. They're salaried so you're sinking a lot of cash into them and if they don't work out, you start all over again!

And of course there are plenty more reasons why you should outsource your CMO.

What to look for in a CMO.

When you're looking for an outsourced CMO you need to look at the big picture. Do you have a marketing team? If so, does this person have leadership skills? No marketing team? Do you have a budget or does this person have the skills to execute your marketing programs?

I can provide marketing consultation in the role of an outsourced CMO and I execute on marketing strategies. Need a new website? I can manage the process or fulfill that. Need refined advertising programs? I can do that, too. Email marketing? Yep. And the best thing is I contract for flate monthly fees so you know exactly what to expect every month.

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