Pay-per-click (PPC) management for Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook.

At a glance, pay-per-click campaigns can be really confusing. And, if not managed properly, costs can pile up while results fail to do so.

That’s why effective PPC management plays a crucial role in running a successful paid search campaign. And it involves so much more than setting up an account and waiting around for clicks and visits.

For starters, the best practices in paid search can be broadly divided into optimizing four categories: keyword research, keyword grouping, ad text and landing pages.

And to ensure the four areas are properly aligned with your best PPC management practices, you’ll have to create a PPC strategy based on business priorities. You also need to identify the areas that need to be focused on, your budgets for cost-per-click, your goals and getting website goal tracking setup to measure performance.

If you’re managing a number of PPC accounts or campaigns, can you name the top performing ad groups or keywords? When’s the last time you added negative keywords to your ad groups using data from the same week? If you can't answer those questions your account is bleeding money.

Before starting GainTap, I cut my PPC teeth on Google Adwords roughly seven years ago. One of my first accomplishments after taking over managing an Adwords account was identifying a serious PPC advertising leak that was costing my employer tens of thousands of dollars a month. Adwords has a bad reputation for being a huge money suck. But this is usually due to lack of resources monitoring and managing the advertising account. I offer hourly PPC consulting services and management locally in Chicago. If you're located in Chicago and don't know where to go with your Adwords account, let's talk.

You can use Google AdWords to reach new customers in a profitable way.

Google has a ton of tools and functionality that you can use to tailor your paid search campaign and start targeting specific markets and demographics. To be clear, managing Adwords can be a full-time job in itself, not to mention making sure you're not violating the long list of Adwords policies. If your Adwords account is the size of Amazon’s, then GainTap isn’t the best fit for you. But if you’ve got 100,000 or less keywords, we can work together really well.

GainTap is a small, productive digital marketing company. If you have a small to medium sized pay-per-click account, let’s talk about ways to grow your revenue by generating leads and reducing your cost per lead.

When you're looking for the best local PPC management company in Chicago, you've got a lot of options. To be fair, successful PPC management often comes down to formulas and analysis. To put it bluntly, there are few PPC virtuosos.

Our PPC Management Process

PPC strategy development

Like always, our PPC consulting begins by assessing your business, learning about your competitors, objectives and unique selling points. We then use the information we've collected to come up with a solid PPC strategy. And since we only focus on small to medium sized adwords accounts, I'm your personal PPC management consultant.

PPC account set up services

Have you tried setting up an Adwords account before? It can be really confusing. What match types do you use for keywords? How do you make sure you don't blow a ton of money, really quickly. If you're just starting out, we’ll set up your PPC campaigns with ad groups, highly targeted keywords and unique ad creative to direct quality traffic to your site.

PPC monitoring and optimization

I'll work on your campaign daily, continuously refining and expanding on some of the steps to improve click-through-rates (CTR) and CPC, driving your ROI higher. Monitoring PPC is a must as costs skyrocket. Make sure you're getting the most out of your Adwords budget by hiring us to monitor your Adwords account and provide reporting on a monthly basis.

Why PPC?

If you're in a competitive industry or just launching a new website, the quickest and most effective way to get your site clicked on in search engines is with pay-per-click advertising. It’s also the easiest way to control your budget and ROI whenever you launch an online campaign.

I've personally managed PPC accounts from $300 a month to $20,000 a month. The only way to do that is with a process that scales and lots and lots of coffee.

Why choose GainTap for your PPC management?

I'm a business owner and marketer, not just a PPC guy.

I'm not just a PPC specialist with Google Adwords experience. I'm an experienced marketing manager having worked at small, medium and enterprise level companies. I look at the big picture and build out tactics to achieve business goals.

One size doesn't fit all.

Every industry and business has its own rules. That means your PPC management needs to fit your business. Not the other way around. I offer hourly PPC consulting that can meet almost any budget. I've spent 30 minutes advising clients and saved them $700. What leaks in your Adwords campaigns need to be plugged up?

Active PPC management, not set-it-and-forget-it.

Monthly reporting and Adwords monitoring ensures I'm accountable for the work on your account. Contracts are month-to-month, no quarterly contracts here. If you don't like working together, you can cancel your contract. I'd rather work with less clients who I provide value to because I'm looking to develop partnerships. That means I've got to keep you happy. That means, you're going to get results that make you smile.

How we assess keywords

It’s my role to make sure you’re targeting the right set of keywords that will be profitable. To achieve this, I analyze your account and look for new opportunities. This ensures the keywords we’ve chosen cover a full search landscape. And the ones that aren't profitable will be removed.

Ad text copy writing

Target ad copy is written and tested for each ad group. And by continuously testing, I'm able to ensure you're getting the right amount of quality traffic at the lowest cost possible. This takes optimizing your Click-Through-Rates (CTR) to drive up your Adwords quality scores.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are very important in PPC. We can’t afford to underutilize them. For one, they can transform your ad text, giving you an opportunity to stand out over your competitors. This makes it one of the most important tools in the PPC arsenal.


You're not going to know what works if you're not tracking it. PPC tracking begins on your website, making sure Google Analytics or other website monitoring software is setup properly. With the right data, we'll make the right decisions.

PPC Optimization

I'll be refining and refocusing the campaign to max out the overall performance. It's all about getting the highest quality scores, the lowest cost-per-click rates and the highest conversions.

Adwords Re-marketing

Re-marketing is one of the best ways to reach visitors of your site in new ways. Adwords allows you to run highly customized search and display advertising, but it takes setting up your website and Adwords account correctly.

YouTube Display Video Advertising

YouTube video ads are a cost-effective substitute to television advertising. Get in front of highly targeted audiences by placing video and display text content in front of them. This works well with re-marketing lists, too.

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