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We help the right people find your business on Google search using Google Ads.

Google Adwords Services

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Adwords Audit

Experimenting with paid ads? Want to know if your tactics can be improved? GainTap’s Google Advertising experts can help you uncover wasteful spending in your account to increase ROI. By focusing on structure, keyword use, and creative—we’ll get to the root of any issues to create a strategy that works for you.

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Landing Pages

If you’re not terribly familiar with paid search, at least know this: your Adwords Quality Score is partially based on the quality and relevance of the landing page connected to a given campaign. Your quality score affects performance and cost—a direct impact on your goals and bottom line.

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ROI Optimization

The most successful Google Ads campaigns are built off targeted strategy and consistency. Our customers outsource this task to our experts so that they don’t have to worry about keeping track of day-to-day adjustments and reporting. We’ll worry about keeping your account profitable so you can focus on your core business.

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Account Setup

New to the ad game? Work with paid ads experts to get started with the right foundation to protect against wasteful spending. We take care of setting up initial accounts and campaigns.

We’re a Trusted Google Partner

The Google Partner program is a way for Google to verify the performance of an advertising agency. We’ve met and surpassed a variety of criteria like getting great return on investments for client advertising accounts. Our Google Partner status allows us to complement our search engine optimization with effective paid search advertising.

Recent Clients

PPC Services For

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B2B Companies

PPC for B2B and B2C could not be more different. After all, consumer goods and services tend to have a much shorter sales cycle than those sold by businesses to businesses! Luckily, our in-house Adwords experts have a lot of B2B experience that they bring into our ads management plans.

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Retail stores have to compete directly with their online competition by playing many of the same games—including search advertising. Level the playing field with campaigns optimized to bring in local customers.

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Startups / SaaS

When you work for a startup, scaling quickly is a constant focus of marketing efforts. Adwords provides the ideal vehicle for getting the word out about a new company—with plenty of metrics available for ROI measurement to satisfy investors.

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