Graham Onak, Owner & SEO Consultant at GainTap

Graham is the SEO consultant and owner of GainTap – a Chicago based search marketing and WordPress customization company.

It’s confusing looking for someone to help you fix your Google problem.

You have a ridiculous number of options when it comes to hiring an SEO consultant. A search on Google shows 3.5 million pages on the internet for SEO consulting.

A screenshot showing the number of SEO consultants on GoogleToo many of these SEOs call themselves consultants and they’re not.

Being a consultant means asking the right questions. It means wanting to do more than increase visits to a website. I solve problems for your business – often this means increasing revenue. Because it doesn’t matter how many visits you get if nobody is buying.

I started this company in 2015 building on ten years of experience helping small businesses make money with their websites. I’m a marketer first and search engine specialist second because I focus on how optimizing for search improves the whole business, not just visits. But there are consultants with more years on them than me. Does that make them better?

Older SEOs aren’t better than newer SEOs.

They can be stuck in their ways that don’t work anymore. Expectations, websites and technology have come a long way since the 90’s. You may be reading this on a phone. If I wrote that sentence in the 90’s you’d think I was nuts.

Winning nowadays takes more than tweaking a few things on your website. Search engine specialists used to be like plumbers. You’d pay them to fix a leak. Sometimes, a pipe would burst and they’d come back. Then your web developer would fix the drywall and your designer would paint.

Modern SEO consultants are more partner than plumber.

The work is more complex than ever before. It requires a deep understanding of your business and competitors. It involves writing great content, fixing technical issues with your website, making the design easier to use and most importantly – knowing which ideas are worth acting on. A lot of people don’t have that last part and it makes all the difference to your bottom line.

It’s rare that I only offer advice on Search Engine Optimization.

I know, that’s confusing as this is a page about search engine optimization consulting. But I often function more as a website consultant, offering my advice on website platforms, design, what to write about, team building, advertising, security and second opinions on everything else. I don’t consider that to be SEO but it’s helpful. I call that consulting.

And now the numbers.

I have one client whose business has doubled revenue in one year. Their pipeline is stacked with quality leads and they’re excited about the future. Another is getting around $50,000 – $70,000 more sales each month. They’re flying me out to meet their team in Q1 2019. I’m not writing this to brag. I want to let you know who I work with: people and companies I can bring meaningful change to. I want partnerships – not jobs.

Change isn’t cheap.

Here’s some advice on hiring a consultant – cheap consulting is crap. People who don’t get results aren’t in demand. People who aren’t in demand have low rates. Yes, you will waste money and time. But bad advice can take months or years to correct. Do you have years to waste getting back to where you were before hiring someone?

I’m not the cheapest or most expensive consultant out there. I price work fairly to provide real value. If you’ve read this far, chances are I can help you. Let’s talk.

Need more than calls and spreadsheets?

If you need more than ideas and direction then you don’t just need consulting. You need search engine optimization services. Our team specializes in improving websites to make them make more money for their owners. This means providing great ideas, researching them, adding new web pages to your website, getting more people seeing your brand on search engines and getting the right people to contact you.

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