Technical Website Consulting

At its core, GainTap is an Internet marketing consultancy specializing in correcting technical website problems that affect profitability.

What are our Consulting services?

All consulting is done by phone and email with Graham Onak, owner of GainTap, and can cover one or more of the following areas:

  • Redesign planning
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google ads (paid search)
  • Conversion optimization
  • Sales enablement
  • CRM setup / selection
  • Remarketing
  • Content marketing processes
  • Team building

What consulting is, and is not

Consulting is advice provided through phone and email. It is the thought and planning that occurs before action. It is not the manual labor of executing the plan. This means your organization must have individuals capable of doing the ground work or a budget to hire them for this to be worth everyone’s time and your money.

The goal of our consulting is to provide meaningful, actionable advice that benefits your company’s bottom line. There is little benefit discussing a CRM system if you have no one to customize it for your organization and train staff on how to use it. There is little value in developing a content strategy when you have no subject matter experts available to create or edit articles on a regular basis.

Consulting is also a temporary, or fractional, engagement. It allows your organization to leverage the deep experience of an individual on a less-than-full-time basis. For this reason you should not expect consultants to be available everyday 9am - 5pm.

What to expect, step-by-step

Consulting engagements operate in a cycle as follows:

  • Understand
  • Plan
  • Present
  • (Execute)
  • (Repeat)

A full, transparent understanding of your company including employee heirarchy, decision makers, customers, successes, failures, growth goals and obstacles. This increases the odds that advice will be helpful towards moving your organization towards your goals.


Analysis and planning to overcome the obstacles presented during the understanding phase.


A discussion of the plan and how it will help your organization reach its goals.


Execution of the plan. Explicitly not part of consulting but an important step in the overall process as this is how the advice turns into action. If we are involved at this point it is either in a training capacity overseeing your team or we are executing specialized services such as installation of web scripts, website audits, or conversion optimization.


Start at the beginning, understanding the results of the execution of the plan and how it applies to meeting your company’s goals. Then make modifications to the plan, present modified plan, execute, rinse and repeat.

Where consulting is performed

Work is performed remotely over phone and email.

Length of consulting engagements

Consulting can range from a small time-boxed project to a recurring monthly agreement that lasts years.

When work starts

Once we agree on terms of work, receive initial payment and have logins to any necessary websites or software.


This will vary based on your needs. But generally includes one or all of the following:

  • Discussion, Q&A over phone and email
  • PDF plans or one-sheeter
  • XLS / CSV data exports

What’s required of you

  • Access to at least one individual in sales / marketing / leadership who has a deep understanding of the company’s customers, goals, successes and failures.
  • Transparent access to data such as product / service revenue numbers, anonymous customer demographics and website metrics.
  • For technical consultation, access to the backend of the website and / or the marketing platforms we are consulting on.


  • One-time short research / advice project: $600+
  • Monthly: $1,500 - $12,000 per month depending on needs / access

Costs vary depending on expectations and access. Examples include:

  • A quick look at an issue and written advice over email, $600.
  • Being included on a weekly call to give advice on a website redesign over several months, $2,500 / month.
  • Monitoring website and marketing analytics, providing direction on an ongoing basis, $5,000.
  • Operating as a CMO / CTO managing the setup and execution of a CRM system, automated marketing, website analytics, search ad campaigns, sales enablement, content marketing, best practices, etc., $12,000 / month. At the time of posting this, I can only have one additional client like this due to time constraints so this may not be available currently.

Payment Terms

Online invoices sent via Intuit Quickbooks for ACH payment or Chase Quickpay / Zelle is preferred. This allows instant payment of invoices and immediate start / continuation of work with no additional processing fees. Checks are also accepted but may have delay of work due to mail and processing delays. Credit cards accepted, you are responsible for transaction fees which will be added to invoice (3%).