Website Content Migration Services

Content migration services for website redesigns including static HTML sites, Wordpress and other content mangement systems.

Let experienced people handle your content migration which is one of the least respected yet dangerous steps in the website redesign process.

What are our Content Migration Services?

The words, images and metadata of your website must be carried over to whatever new platform you are migrating to during your redesign. We’ll handle this undervalued yet important step by backing up your content, formatting it properly and bringing into your new site properly with as little negative impact to your SEO as possible.

What to expect, step-by-step

You should plan on the following:

  • Provide access to an individual within your organization who is knowledgable about your technical setup before and after the redesign / migration.
  • We will ask them several important questions including:
  • Do you have a list of current URLs to migrate?
  • Are you updating content during the migration, or simply moving it without changing it? Updating content includes changing URLs, images and merging content.
  • Are you changing your content management system (CMS)? For example, moving from Wordpress to Drupal. Or moving from a static HTML site to Wordpress.
  • When do you expect content migration to begin? This is best done after your website page templates have been finalized, shortly before launch of the website.

Once we have a better understanding of your migration goals, we can put together a plan of action for migrating your website content.

Once we have a plan, including migration dates, we will begin moving your website content to your development website. After the content is migrated and checked, your website will be one step closer to its final launch.

Where is work performed?

Work is performed remotely with Q&A over phone and email.

Length of time to complete a content migration

This varies depending on:

  • How many pages are being migrated
  • The complexity of your content (how many images, length of webpages)
  • The complexity of your content mangement system (or lack of CMS)
  • Any delays due to design or development issues

Since content migration is dependent on your design and development progress, its best to do the migration when your site design is “locked”. In this sense, the content is one of the final steps before launching your website.

An exception to this is if you are migrating a large amount of standardized content (such as a blog) which can be done while othe more specialized development is underway.

When work starts

Once we agree on terms of work, receive initial payment and have logins to any necessary websites or software.


This will vary based on your needs. But generally includes one or all of the following:

  • Discussion, Q&A over phone and email
  • PDF plans or one-sheeter
  • XLS / CSV data exports showing migrated content

What’s required of you

  • Access to at least one individual with an understanding of your website’s technical setup now and after the redesign.
  • Access to the backend of the websites we are migrating to and from


Highly variable based on the number of pages and complexity of your website. Some webpages must be migrated manually while other webpages may be automated. It’s best to get in touch about quoting your specific situation so we can give you a fair expectation of what your costs and timeframes will look like.

Payment Terms

Online invoices sent via Intuit Quickbooks for ACH payment or Chase Quickpay / Zelle is preferred. This allows instant payment of invoices and immediate start / continuation of work with no additional processing fees. Checks are also accepted but may have delay of work due to mail and processing delays. Credit cards accepted, you are responsible for transaction fees which will be added to invoice (3%).