Website SEO Monitoring Services

What are our Website Monitoring Services?

We add your website to our web application that monitors for negative changes in search engine metrics. If we detect something suspicious, we’ll notify you.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for significant drops in several important SEO metrics.

Keyword ranking

The number of keywords you rank for and what positions they are in.

Traffic drop

The number of search visits you have lost.

Traffic value drop

This is the estimated value of the traffic you lost if you were to pay for it with Google Ads.

It’s important to understand how changes in these metrics may lead to changes in how your website generates leads and sales.

Sometimes you can have decreases in keyword ranking that do not affect the website’s ability to drive traffic. If you lose ranking in poorly ranked keywords, there’s almost no impact on traffic volume.

Sometimes you can have a decrease in visits of poorly converting keywords that have no impact on your business. If you lose half your search traffic due to a drop in ranking for irrelevant keywords, you may not care.

Traffic value is a good indicator of importance. If you lose keyword volume that leads to a decrease in traffic value, this indicates that you’ve lost traffic that other people are willing to pay for. This is more often the type of traffic that converts. However, if the search phrases are irrelevant to your business, you may not notice a difference in lead volume or quality.

It’s best to think of this monitoring service as a thermometer. Sometimes it detects a low grade fever and it’s no big deal. But if the fever lasts for days and gets worse it may require a trip to the doctor’s office for a thorough exam.

What to expect, step-by-step

  • Provide the domain address that you want to have monitored.
  • We’ll turn on automatic monitoring of the domain and let you know when we detect keyword and traffic related fluctuations.


This will vary based on your needs. But generally includes one or all of the following:

  • Discussion, Q&A over phone and email
  • PDF plans or one-sheeters
  • XLS / CSV data exports showing migrated content

What’s required of you

  • Just send us the domain to monitor along with a point of contact (name and email address is best)


This costs you $0. We are already running this service as part of an ongoing inhouse research project and it takes us a few minutes to add your URL to our web crawler.


We’re not liable for any financial harm you experience with your website. We’re offering a free monitoring service. We are not entering into an agreement to prevent issues from happening with your website, or taking any responsibility for issues that happen with your website. We’ll do our best to detect potential problems and let you know about them, but it’s not our fault if you make changes to your website or Google thinks you’re spammy.

Our monitoring service relies on a 3rd party API for estimating your search metrics. Since it is estimating metrics and does not have direct access to your web analytics, it can be wrong. So if you have some kind of traffic drop that results in lost business, and we don’t detect it our warn you that it has happened, you can’t blame us for not letting you know about it. Contacting you to alert you of issues is fully at our discretion and is not to be thought of as a guarantee. Think of it as a second pair of eyes that’s nice to have, but you should still be careful when redesigning your website or making changes to it.