Most businesses fail to increase leads and sales because they don't focus on the whole picture.

Here’s what these companies have in common

  • Only focus on getting new people to their website using one method.
  • Don’t test regular changes to their website.
  • Don’t have a system in place to get the right people back.
  • No idea what to budget for real growth.
  • No idea if their marketing is working.

We can help if your organization is facing the above issues.

We focus on a multi-phase (integrated) approach to marketing. This means we get the right people to see your company, we get them to contact you and we remind them of you when they’re browsing other websites. This is especially effective for companies that have long sales cycles due to buyer indecision or competition in the market place. 

There’s more to increasing revenue than increasing website visits.

Companies that want real growth need to understand that the old methods don’t work anymore. You can’t blog once a week and expect real revenue. You can’t send a company newsletter out to a list of emails you bought from a trade show and think it will make a difference.

There are a lot of marketing companies out there who will take your money, work on just one thing and promise you big returns. But you’re going to continue losing sales and have extremely slow growth if you rely on just one part of the process.

We have a multi-phase process that solves these problems

Our lead generation program helps you get more leads and more sales. It’s not just about getting people to your site. But it’s about constantly improving how well your website and marketing gets those people to do what you want. And staying in front of the right people all the way through the buying cycle until they buy. Here’s a brief rundown of our online lead generation process.

Get the right people to your website

If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see a year-over-year increase in visits to the website from both SEO (organic search) and Google Ads (paid search). 

Look at those number differences. 120,000 more organic visits and 32,000 more paid visits. If you were paying a typical marketing agency they’d be thrilled with these results.

But this didn’t make a huge difference by itself until the other parts of the process were added.

We’re not a typical marketing agency so we dug deeper and realized we could make a huge improvement to other areas of the marketing and sales funnels.

Test website changes to improve positive actions

This is called “conversion optimization” and it’s the single biggest improvement for websites with traffic but not enough leads.

Look at the first column of data (the lower box) you’ll see a conversion rate going from .99% to 10.11%. This is for paid search visits from Google Ads (from the screenshot in Part 1). So there’s a doubling of visits and 10 times the leads from those visits. That’s a huge increase in the number of people filling out contact forms.

This is why we say just getting people to the site is meaningless if you’re not testing your website conversion rates. You’re going to waste a ton of money paying for visits when you should be paying for contacts (leads).

In the last section we’ll show you how we got even more out of this client’s marketing dollars.

Close more sales by staying in front of qualified visitors

So now you have the right people coming to the site and contacting. But what about the ones that don’t contact or convert into sales? 

We use ad platforms to serve specific ads to targeted visitors of your website after they leave our client’s site. This includes individuals who filled out contact forms and stopped responding to sales people.

These ads are called “remarketing” or “retargeting” ads. They’re similar to ads you’ll see on most any publication’s website like a newspaper. But they’re smarter. 

Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes online and then every site you visit shows you that same pair of shoes? It’s exactly like that, only you can do this for a lot more than shoes. You can do this with your company’s logo and services. You can show specific ads to people at specific stages of the buying cycle.

Take a look at the screenshot. 117 total conversions for $2,115. Based on the client’s service pricing and their close rates we figured that each new conversion is worth $250. That’s a 13 times return on investment. $30,000 for a $2,115 spend. And this is only what could be tracked from ad clicks, it doesn’t count phone calls or direct emails.

Without this phase of the process you’d most likely lose these prospects to other companies.

Click image to enlarge

Take the next step to get better leads and more sales

We only work with organizations where there’s a true mutually beneficial fit. This way our quality of work and results stay high. The best way to figure this out is to have an honest conversation about your situation.

If you’re still reading this, you should reach out to us because chances are high we can help you. Worst case scenario, you lose two minutes but get some helpful advice and take a step in the right direction.

We’re happy to connect over email (contact us here) to learn more about your business and schedule a phone call to chat more if we think we can help.